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I am a working professional with B. Tech Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Dr. MGR University, Chennai, India. As an individual, I sincerely believe that getting clear on your dreams and goals would show the path to your purpose in life. This has been the motto behind my pursuit of excellence in all the chosen endeavours and has imparted me the impetus to go ahead in life.

I, now, believe that only an intensive study and comprehensive research work in my field of interest would put me on right track to explore things from a different perspective and achieve my goals.Getting Started My deep inclination towards academics dates back to my years in school, where I excelled in mathematics and developed a strong interest towards computers and electronic gadgets.

Standing among the best doers in the AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examinations) and bagging scholarships kept the fire of determination burning in me. It gave a real boost to my confidence and persuaded me to take Electronics & Communication Engineering as an under-graduate degree program in Dr.MGR University, which is well known for its exemplary Science & Technology Department and motivating academic environment. During my engineering course, subjects like C Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture & Networks, Data Structures & Algorithms, interested me the most.

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My ambition to pursue M. S. My hunger to discover more on the above-mentioned subjects is also a reason to go higher up the ladder in this stream. CS or IT is not just a subject but a tool whose application can be found in all aspects of life may it be Manufacturing, Agriculture or Service sectors.I would like to plan my career in CS/IT so that I could act as enabler for any industry vertical and explore the usage of the above tools in unexplored world. And my interest to learn new upcoming technologies motivates me to take higher studies in my field of interest. To add to it, riding on back of strong fundamentals in C, C++, Oracle and SQL will enable me to learn new things in depth. I have a strong aptitude and an unquenchable thirst for research and design in this field.Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude, I believe, leads to a constant learning process. I believe the MS program will add a new dimension to my career and give me the necessary exposure, maturity and wisdom to focus on one research area in my doctoral program. I believe it will give direction to my goal of a career as a research professional at an academic or commercial, research-oriented organization. This course will help me join the team of professionals, who excel in this and keep on innovating new gadgets, systems and tech using CS/IT.Projects undertaken “HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”- Using DBMS- FoxPro (implemented most of the available Menu-driven functions) & File Handling using Java & HTML, I implemented the online/offline menu system of a hotel having many branches under one head. The system could search, edit, delete, book, cancel and insert records/take orders of the customers checking in/out of any branch through one single head. Developed a new concept of using header files by placing manual header files and thus reducing the length of the coding. ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”- Using RFID Card Reader and a PIC Microcontroller (PIC16F877) for authentication of a person. The data from the RFID reader is transmitted to a remote computer through a wireless RF Transmitter where a RF Reader which is connected to a computer determines the Authorization and Access Control rights. Vb Software is used to generate and analyze all user access information with the help of a central PC-based workstation. Why Computer Networks Fundamentally, I am a technical person with IT skills and knowledge of arious computer languages such as C, C++, HTML and JAVA. It was while I was serving my tenure with EMERSON & CUMING in Belgium, I realised that the speed of the network there was much higher than that we had at our office in India. The business had many computers, and so I started looking for chances that could benefit from networking them. A local area network (LAN) was connected to the company’s computers, allowing them to share and exchange a variety of information. While one computer can be useful on its own, several networked computers can be much more useful.Since then, the office still practices the conventional ways which I introduced once. File sharing, printer sharing, communication and collaboration, organization, remote access, data protection were in a state like never before and I was started being taken more as a System Analyst than an Electronics Engineer for the company. In addition to the OS Management, I developed a billing system for the dues that is to be paid by the buyer of stiller ; auto truck and got involved in developing an accounting software from Voucher Generation, Profit ; Loss to Balance Sheet.For this, I developed a payroll system in FoxPro 2. 0 which included the all day Queries like opening the data file, editing the records, creating structures, indexing, sorting, and maintaining Database Integrity ; Security, generation of reports and Backup ; Restoration, which proved very beneficiary for the company. Recently, under the direction of Sr. Oracle DBA, I have provided Oracle database management and administration on production, testing and development on Linux.This involved me into the installation, configuration and up-gradation of Oracle database 9i Server. I have developed scripts to monitor instances locks, long running queries, listener, and free space. Clone/Refresh of Production databases to Testing and training environments and Backup of Database through RMAN were also performed and regularly managed. Therefore, the MS-CS program will augment my detailed knowledge of the current trends and technologies in IT to such a great extent that I believe it will be the best way to advance my career.With a comprehensive and well-planned set of academic requirements, the MS-CS curriculum offers an extensive selection of courses that cover all important aspects of Computer Networks: Systems Analysis and Development, Databases, Data Communications and Networks, Web Application Development, IT Security, and Project Management. In addition, the best advantage of the program is the Network experience as part of the curriculum, which will provide many real-world experiences to help me discover my future career opportunities. Why I wish to take up graduate studies from the San Jose State University?One of the main reasons for choosing the US over other countries is because the US education system supports and encourages independence and originality of thought. The kind of flexibility US education system provides is unique. The essence of University education lies in the synergetic relationship between the student and his department. I feel that pursuing MS at your University will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits. This will not only help me in becoming an independent entity but will also provide me with a platform of learning along with good exposure so as to achieve my career objectives.Request for Support I belong to a middle income family where my Father is the sole bread earner and by now he is leading a retired life. I shall be very grateful if I am considered for some kind of financial support from your department in the form of graduate assistantships or any other graduate award. Not only will this assistantship reduce the burden of my postgraduate studies from my father’s shoulders but will also provide me with invaluable knowledge and rich experience. Such an award will definitely help me to pursue a career for research that I have envisioned for myself.

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