Today, women of color on average receive the lowest wages, hold the worst jobs, and are more likely to be unemployed. They have the highest rates of infant mortality and births out of wedlock. They are more likely to live in poverty and to be single mothers than their White counterparts. These issues brought women of color to distinction between them and the white women for they do not have the same opportunities and freedom as what white women get in the society of the United States.

However, we, as women of color just do what we need to do and have our duty in every work that we have because it is better to contented in what we have rather than nothing.

Reflecting to what had happened to our community in the past; I realized that we learned from history because now, we have our organizations that helped our community in order to stop or to lessen the racial discrimination that we continue to experience until now.

In spite of the obstacles, women of color have shaped their lives and those of their families through acts of quiet dignity and steadfast determination.Their actions have included revolt and rebellion, creative conflict and social change, adaptation and accommodation. These actions can be seen that women of color wanted to stop or minimize their struggle towards racial discrimination. I personally become upset when people labeling and generalizing all women of color into a low class status, slaves, and unknowledgeable kind of women, which they do not have any evidence for they do not see capacity because they do not give us some chance to show our capabilities.

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People often judge us because they knew from our historical background that we became slaves and until now, we are still slaves and we will be slaves into their eyes forever. The lives of women of color are not variation of a more general model of American womanhood. Instead, their experiences are formed by many of the same forces that shape the lives of others.

In given historical moments, those forces combine to create differences among women.As time passes by, women of color became more active into different organizations that helped them reshape their identity not only as women but also as an individual with its own ideology and creativity. For me, it is better that we have experienced the tragic moments in our community when almost all of us suffer from distress, hatred, sorrow, and pain because these experiences made us stronger and brighter in our everyday life so even if we continue to struggle until now, we are more rational in terms of balancing our needs and aspirations to fulfill our goals.Even if we cannot see our sunrise today, we are doing our best to show the sunrise to our next generation. Lorene Garrett-Browder, founder of Woman as Allies said, I believe that we cannot survive as a people or country if we believe that we are separate from each other, if we believe that one group holds the moral values for all of us, but continue to practice exclusion of other groups, where war and death is not seen as a racist act of supremacy in which we are all fatally wounded, but where we are seen as the liberators of an oppressed people forgetting that we have many times in our history been the oppressors.This statement from Garrett-Browder is simply an ideology of a woman who wanted peace and freedom having its own culture, identity, and belief. As part of the African American community, I want to have the right kind of justice that we need.

We are not animals but also a human – a human who needs equality, freedom, and peace. These simple things are what we need in order to obtain our own identity because as long as we continue to suffer from racial discrimination, our identity is still unreachable.As a whole, women of color should not be discriminated as people who are incapable of doing things because due to their struggle and amazing experiences in life, they are more capable of doing more work and more job than others if they would only be given a chance to show their talent, strength, creativity, strategy, and knowledge. I am one of those women and will always be proud to be part of them.I am proud with who I am and with what I have for I know that I am doing my best not only for myself as an individual but also for other future generations who want to see the sunrise into their happy, free, and contented face.

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