"Panic" of Comic Book Author Jason Starr

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Marissa Bloom, art student, is torn on the night of eerie noises from sleep. She wakes her parents, Dana and Adam. Very quickly captured Adam the situation: Out the back door of his secured with burglar alarms Villa invaded. He takes his Glock 45, tells Dana and Marissa to hide in the closet, and shoots the criminal when he comes up the stairs. Only half aware he takes the sound of a fleeing person true.

The police are under the direction of Detective Clements very soon at the scene.

If the deceased is Carlos Sanchez, a criminal Latino. Adam Bloom feels like a heroic savior of his family – but Dana hates his act. Disappointed and misunderstood he is now seeking public confirmation. but the media tear him as “crazy gunslinger”. Carlos was in fact unarmed, while Adam his entire gun magazine empty shot.

Police are investigating. At the material time the alarm was off and unlocked the back door. Anyone who has passed the security code and copied the keys?

His daily bread earned Adam with therapeutic advice.

But what about behind his curtains? The purest disaster! The tense even before the break-in family life has now suffered another crack, and so is what happens to his professional career as a psychologist. Colleagues stamp Adam from perpetrators, patients cancel their appointments. Dana igelt a daughter Marissa wants to get away. They are planning a longer stay in Prague. But when she sympathetic artist Xan gets to know, in love with him and looking at him understanding and shelter, they prefer to stay away from home with their parents reside.

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Сlear with very sober writing style builds Jason Starr his crime on. Some episodes will be told twice – first in the logical plot progression, then again in more detail from the perspective of the protagonist. Unlike the police, the reader knows the culprit and his motive. Evil is like a “Trojan horse” admitted; now it’s up close and has spread.

The author has designed with Adam Bloom a capable psychologists and therapists as the central figure. That someone with such strong interpersonal skills failed all along the line, the novel is the special spirit. That he is faced with an unarmed burglar who turns out to be more aggressive shooter that makes him such a blatantly false self-assessment as a misunderstood hero – can attract only malice to be.

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"Panic" of Comic Book Author Jason Starr
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