A Comic Strip Project for Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem Comic Strip Project

In her novel, Anthem, Ayn Rand used many descriptive words to create an image for the reader, in his remake of, Anthem, as a graphic novel Joe Staton used detailed sketches to give the reader an even clearer image, and in my project, I used the colors that best suit the scene, to give not only a clearer but also a more symbolic image for the reader. The scene I colored is the one where Equality 7-2521 and The Golden One entered the second floor of the house from the Unmentionable Times.

They discovered a room filled with books, which they call manuscripts.

They glanced at the manuscripts and discover that they are written in their language but there are many words that they do not know.

Colors can be used to convey the setting, character, tone, symbolism, and ideas in a novel. The colors I chose to relate to all of these elements. Some of the colors I chose came directly from Ayn Rand’s text.

“…and then we saw the fold of a white tunic among the trees and a gleam of gold” (81). The information in this quote made me color the girl’s hair a golden color and leave the tunics of Equality 7-2521 and The Golden One white. “Never have we seen rooms so full of light” (90). Up until this point, the novel had a dark, grey and depressing tone, however, now the light is shed and the tone becomes brighter, hopeful, and therefore more colorful.

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This is the main reason I chose to color the house in vibrant, bright colors. I chose to color the outside of the house red and brown, “The peaks were red and brown, with green streaks of the forest as veins open them”(88). This describes the view from the window, which we can see in the last strip.

Symbolism was a large factor in determining what colors I used throughout the comic strip. For example, I used the color purple as the color of the floor to symbolize royalty. Equality 7-2521 and The Golden One are the leaders of the new society that they had created by running away. In a way, they are like a king and a queen. “The sunrays danced upon colors, colors, more colors than we thought possible” (90). While many would interpret this quote literally and color the house with as many colors as they have, I chose to interpret this quote to support Ayn Rand’s thematic ideas of objectivism and individualism. This quote describes the home as very colorful, the colors symbolize success for Equality 7-2521 and The Golden One, who have finally reached pure individualism, which they didn’t think was possible, and are about to embark on a bright future.

“A picture is worth a thousand words but a colorful picture is worth a million”-Ori Ran. Colors are very significant in the meaning of pictures and can help the reader gain a deeper meaning of the text.

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