A Review of Atlas Shrugged, a Science Fiction Novel by Ayn Rand

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I have never read a more life-changing noveli This book focuses on Dagny Taggart, the Vice President of Taggart Transcontinental, who is fighting to save her families company by creating the Rio Norte Train line despite her brother’s political views/disagreements and the crumbling industrial economy. The author Ayn Rand, depicts the two different kinds of people in society; people like Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden who are innovative and motivated to create and advance and then theirs the leaches of the human race who believe its okay to sit around and feed off the success and hard work of others The main question starting the book was, who is John Galt? When several of the country’s elite innovators and industrialists go missing the economy starts suffering a great amount, the people putting in all the work are tired of being exploited and tired of the concept of being forced to give what they have away simply because they worked to get where they are when others didn‘t The disappearances of all these important men started the beginning of a strike led by John Call to prove that you need those hard working industrialists to help society functionr.

Freedom is being able to do what ever you want to do with what you worked hard to create, for example Hank Rearden created Rearden Meral his own alloy, but because of the government and society’s greed to take from the hard workers to “evenly distribute the wealth” Rearden was forced to sell all his companies.

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That’s what John Galt is trying to eliminate and introduce and enforce a capitalist economy where the government and your business are separate identitiesi It makes no sense to me how taking away empires earned by hard working people is seen as a way to help the economy. If you take away from the only creative minds and give it to someone who didn’t have to work hard for it theirs a very slim chance they will create something else and instead will cause the innovators to no longer want to contribute to society, which is what happened in Atlas Shrugged The only fair economy is a capitalist one, where people are free to expand and continue building on their business If people had the freedom to control their wages and expansions I believe that would motivate people to want to create and work for something of their own. When things are just given to people, they will always continue to be parasites feeding off the wealth and hard work of others.

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