Africa deserves better from comic relief

The following sample essay on “Africa deserves better from comic relief”: review about Mr. Lammy’s article

It is an enormous opportunity from my side writing this letter to you. I decided to write this letter to you after reading Mr. Lammy’s article Africa deserves better from comic relief upon reading this article I strongly agree with Mr. Lammy.

Mr. Lammy believes that agencies and Medias emphasize on the poverty faced by the people of Africa but leave out the possible positive side and Africas economic success.

This came to my attention when he states Raucous comedy Flamboyant red noses, Comic reliefs formula has broad appeals. When it was launched it raised 150 million pounds in 2011 it broke the 100 million pounds barrier for the first time. To me this has strongly resulted into more media organizations and agencies to be formed for the wrong reasons.

I buy into his idea that agencies are making big amounts for their comfort and not for what they claim it is for Charity.

Medias should be the starting point to vanish the picture painted on Africa of poverty and corruption. Medias and agencies should closely monitor and help positively reinforce integrity and proficiency while holding those accountable for choosing to violate the positive social standards. However, it is up to the people of Africa to demand accountability from their political leaders, civil servants, private sector, actors and celebrities.

Nevertheless, Mr. Lammy brings out another eye-catching recommendation that teen-agers are growing up in an environment where there is discrimination in some way mainly being racial discrimination and financial separations between the believed wealthy Europeans and poor and hunger-stricken Africans.

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This time around he says, But when I asked my mixed race nine-year-old son why he thinks I should give him money for wearing a red nose at school today,his reply was But we have to help the poor people of Africa daddy.

This is one of the major points because it brings us back to the first point, teenagers of this modern day are exposed to multiple Medias, they have a variety to choose from. This increases the chances of teenager coming across fake news or information generated by pop stars and celebrities. A nine-year-old will grow up in that environment of negatively viewing Africa. To add on to that Europeans, have policies which favor the negativities portrayed in this article. More of human interaction can be favored to outweigh the negativity linked to Africa on media agencies. Parents can also manage internet social life of their children to prevent the fast-fake information told by medias.

Africa has been divided into 2 poverty/corrupt and destitute/ starving people that cannot acquire food they need and are poverty-stricken mothers and children that have stomachs swollen from hunger. In 2015, the international market spent zero minutes talking about Africas trade and governance. There was little or no discussions about what caused the poverty presented in Africa. Maybe because they blur the 54 separate sovereign nations into one single reservoir of poverty, a place storing poverty, grief and suffering. Africa it is time we stood up and fought for equality.

In as much as I am in support with Mr. Lammy I would like to disagree with him because western countries tend to base their knowledge upon diaspora people living outside Africa and the fact that if we go back into time Africa is known for violence and not peace or development. Africans do nothing or little to remove the picture permanently painted on Africa and because of that, Europeans have concluded that it is true when it is not.

In addition, Mr. Lammy also believes that people won’t see the development in Africa because of the negativity over shadowing the progress. he suggested this when he said, Africa may have changed beyond recognition, but over the generations knowledge and attitude in Britain haven’t. I agree with this point because with facts proven, the Nigerian film industry Nollywood has even overtaken. Hollywood as the worlds second largest moviemakers. But no one is doing anything to promote it because western critics were usually quick to dismiss the quality of its productions as poor, the industry as unprofessional, its talent as sloppy and its future as bleak and that it cannot be compared to the level of quality investments of fame generated into the American movie industry.

People tend to live with facts that there is only corruption and poverty in Africa, it’s believable when it’s said by Europeans because of the advantage they have which is a larger sphere of influence towards what’s promoted and aired on medias and by agency. The African medias however have failed to aggressively market an African identity and challenge the one imposed by the West. To total up on this point, I would also like to disagree with Mr. Lammy because I feel children have a say or an act towards what they are exposed to, we cannot blame one’s opinion for being anothers limit of knowledge in this case towards Africa. Overall, I still agree with Mr. Lammy.

However, Mr. Lammy also believes it is time to stand up and fight for equality and not always receiving donations. It is time to trade with everyone. We can do it as Africa. It can be seen from his expression and thoughts We must have voices debating debt and dictatorship trade agreements and change education and entrepreneurship I strongly agree with Mr. Lammy because western countries tend to control every bit about Africas development largely economic development. The international markets have placed more restrictions on the exchange of bananas than it does on AK47S. Economic development is held back by severe tariff and non-tariff barriers that increase the cost of trade.

In conclusion, Mr. Lammy states that Africa deserves better from comic relief. His stated it in an appropriate and formal way. As stated from above I strongly stand with my agreeing points from my view I feel Mr. Lammy has brought the main problems on board faced by Africans.

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