Out the Existent of Human Mind

Mind has been variously definite as responsible for one’s emotional and cognitive mental functions, a few of them are such as feelings, intelligent and perceptive (Pandya, 2011). Hippocrates makes a clear linkage between mental functions as we understand them (‘mind’) and the structure that produces it (brain) and in his book De anima (On the soul), he states that Aristotle (384 BC–322 BC) thinks that man is born with a blank slate (tabula rasa) on which knowledge are gain through experiences and perceptions are written to form the mind (Pandya, 2011).

Leibniz state that instead of a blank state (Tabula rasa) proposed by Locke he ask us to imagine a block of marble that has vein inside and all we have to do in other to sculpt it is to just chip away to reveal what is already inside, in the same way where experiences is needed to help us recall what we already know. As we are born knowing certain thing such as common knowledge that can be found in whole universe; law of logic, language and concept in mathematic.

We are born by already knowing this thing but we don’t know that we have info relating to this knowledge until a situations that ask us to questions or from experience or reflection. It’s like the song you have forgotten until you hear the first few words. We all know that thing change due to cause and effect and that something cannot be true and false at the same time.

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While Socrates and Meno were trying to define virtue, Meno came up with a question “How could this enquiry be useful?”, if we know what we are looking for then the knowledge is unnecessary (already know) and if we do not know what we are looking for then the knowledge is impossible. The idea here is that we cannot gain knowledge either because it’s useless or unreachable. The theory of recollection says that the soul is immortal not the like body and it transmits to another body after the death of the first one. Before the transition the soul stores everything it forgets all what it has learn. When we are studying we are actually studying not acquiring new knowledge. The knowledge is innate in whole human beings. To shows that human have innate knowledge is when we see common knowledge among people such as language, knowing differences and the concepts of numbers as there all are universal.

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