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The source I am evaluating is an article called “The white flight from football” from the Atlantic. This article is published on the Atlantic website by an author name Alana Samuels. The article is about how many parents know that football is a very dangerous sport and has many risks like brain damage and back problems later on in life but sports like football is the only option many people have to having a good life such as achieving a long-term goal, for example, going to college with a full scholarship.

Most black families feel that football is the best thing for their kids compared to white upper-class families because lower-class families can’t afford to send their kids to college, especially more than one child but on the hand upper-class families can afford to send their kids to college without scholarships. The Atlantic is an American magazine and big platform publisher, it was nominated in 2018 for the national magazine award for the magazine of the year according to WWD.


Alana Semuels is a journalist and was awarded in 2016 abe fellowship for journalists, she was a staff writer at the Atlantic but before joining the Atlantic she was a writer for the Los Angeles time. She earned her master’s degree from the London school of Economics and also earned her bachelor’s degree at Harvard according to (social science research council) she has a lot of knowledge and experience in what she does. She also wrote other articles like “I delivered packages from Amazon and it was a night” and over 50 different other articles like her recent one “the white flight from football according to the Atlantic.

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I have read some of her other articles and I can say I trust her work and the rest of information she provides in “the white flight from football”.

After doing much research on the Atlantic website I can say they produce quality journalism that reasonable use loading wording, also all of their stories are properly sourced to factual information. I did some search to see if the Atlantic has ever failed a fact check but according to factual search, the Atlantic website and magazine have never failed a check from the international fact-checking network, the Atlantic has a reasonable balance on the issues they cover like how Alana talks about two sides of the stories.

She balances the reasons on how football is Dangerous but how it’s also good. In the beginning, she introduced her audience to a black family that doesn’t have much money or many options when it comes to college or life in General. She follows her thoughts with real evidence that backs up everything she is saying. Some of Alana shreds of evidence came from “the sport and fitness industry association” and “national federations of state high school association”. In the canter of the article Alana than talks about the other part of football. She brings different stories from white upper-class families that don’t at all let their kids play football and want football to be banned because of the serious brain injuries it causes for players. Alana talks about Sam Taggard and his family throughout the article because Sam Taggard is a victim of football. Alana goes back and further about football with strong evidence on both sides.

With some additional research, I did, I found additional information about sport head injuries, according to AANC (American association of neurological surgeons) cycling, football, baseball, softball, and basketball all have the highest number in head injuries. In another word many other sports can cause brain injury and other major injuries to a person, Alana talks about it the article also. This particular article has much beneficial information that I can relate too will also need later on. It also has evidence that is up to date and all support her claim and conclusion. Like I mention before every claim she has she follows it with a piece of evidence from different sources, Alana also

Uses real photographs of the people and places she talks about in the article. The photograph in the article were not taken by Alana Semuels, they were taken by Dustin chambers and Monica Jorge both visual journalists. Also, the article itself is up to date, it was last update on February 1, 2019 in other words this article was just recently published. The audience Alana based this article on our parents that have kids that play sports and individual ones that are involved in some sort of sport.

Overall, I believe Alana Semuels is trustworthy and quite knowledgeable based on her background of education and experience. She worked for Los Angeles time in New York. Los Angeles time is one of the most popular newspaper, it has won more than 50 Pulitzer prizes, its best known for covering major issues such as immigration trends. I don’t know anything about newspapers or articles on websites but I know Los Angeles time newspaper from movies and advertisements and that is coming from a person that is not from America that’s why I said it’s a very popular newspaper.

Majority of her work seems to be really long articles, they are also all for the Atlantic, this results in articles being in depth on the topics and carefully detailed without telling a 10-page story. I personally would use this article if I was doing research on football or sports in general because it has trustworthy facts and information from real sources also from real people. The only downfall to this article has being it doesn’t show a list of the reference used in the article but besides that, this article is a good piece to look into when doing a research paper on a similar topic. From reading so many different articles from different authors about the same topic, this article was the only one that had plenty of information and evidence. In that being said, I would definitely use this article for a research paper.

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