My Wonderful Life in Los Angeles

No one likes to move from their childhood homes. I personally knew, I didn’t. We were living in Los Angeles and I was in the fourth grade at Middleton Street School. We moved into our house in Los Angeles, when I was around two years old. Living in Los Angeles was absolutely fantastic and magnificent due to the fact, that I had many friends that had been in my life for a long time. I had lived nearly all my life in that home and I did not want to leave the home I had always lived in.

My father was a truck driver at the time, so it allowed him to explore new cities all over the country. Somehow an idea came into his head that we should move to a different city. At the start, it was just an insane idea to me and I thought there was no way that we would ever move. As time progressed, this idea became a harsh realization.

I never wanted to think about moving elsewhere. One Sunday evening, my father came home and informed us that we were going to move to Bakersfield.

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I had never heard of Bakersfield before, so I thought it was a horrible place to live in. I’ve always had an affinity to large cities like Los Angeles, because there are many amusement parks and attractions I may go to. Once we purchased our new home, there was no way to ignore the fact, that we were going to move to Bakersfield.

It was going to be immensely difficult to forget all of our memories in Los Angeles we’ve made and move to Bakersfield. I had never moved in my life, so I didn’t know what to expect. The hardest thing about moving was leaving my incomparable friend, Manuel. Every single day, I would call Manuel and we would play basketball in my gigantic backyard. Manuel was literally a brother to me and I knew he would get upset and depressed if I told him we were going to move. I thought that somehow the day would never come when we would have to leave, but it came faster than I planned. When the day came, we loaded our personal belongings onto a moving truck and I quickly said bye and wished my best friend Manuel good luck.

I always had thought that our lives in Los Angeles were perfect and wonderful. I was mad at my parents for taking us to this new city, that we knew nothing about. Every time the move came up, I would get extremely mad, but there was no way to deny the truth that we had moved. Once we got here life started rapidly. School began not so long after we moved, which didn’t give me any time to make friends. The first week of school felt everlasting, because I didn’t know anyone. Soon after, I began to make new friends and I felt more adequate to the new environment. After that everything became stabilized. I forgot about how much I missed Los Angeles and started to love living in Bakersfield with my new friends Chester and Prathyasha.

Now I am delighted and pleased we moved here. Even though I perceived this not so long after moving, I couldn’t let my parents know after all the complaining I had done. Now I am able to understand, that it was one of the best things that can happen to me. Though I still miss my hackneyed friends, but I know that moving here was the correct thing to do, because I never would’ve made the friends that I have. I knew I feared change. I’d always grown up in the same environment with the same people. I didn’t want to move, because I didn’t want anything to change. Now that I look back on it, this change was beneficial for my personal growth.

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