Obstetrician-Gynecologist: Women's Health Experts

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Obstetrician and gynecologist (ob/gyn) are two medical specialist who specialize in women’s health. They receive a combined amount of training preparing them for the practice of ob/gyn so they can be well knowledgeable in the women’s reproductive organs and pregnancies. Obstetrician is someone who specializes in the process of birth and monitors the mother and her fetus. they complete such tasks as ultrasounds, medical test, diagnostics, and giving advice on prenatal care.

During labor their job is to perform physical exams, induce labor if necessary as well as administering drugs to help speed up the process of birth.

Gynecologist specialize in the reproductive system of women. They perform physical exams such as pap semr,diagnose probelms, perscribe medication, perform surgery and advise women on hygiene, reproduction and healthy lifestyles. Most Obstetrician practice gynecology but gynecologist don’t have to be Obstetrician. they have the choice to be both as well.

Most of the time work ob/gyn’s in hospitals or health clinics in consulting room and sterile exam and delivery rooms.

there schedule is very demanding working at least 60 hours a week and most doctors are usually on call. The job is mentally demanding and they often make life or death decisions so they have to have compassion and maturity. To work in this field during high school you should be in advanced in all classes especially math and science courses.

Most Ob/gyn’s in college major in Medicine, Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies, Biology/Biological Sciences, General, Biochemistry or Chemistry, General.

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They complete 4 years of a bachelor degree. They take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to go into medical which is at least 4 years. A residency training of 4 years is required and further training of 3 years. Have be certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG). in addition they have to receive a certified license from there state to work. Extra skills to have are communication skills, deatiled oriented, dexterity, empathy as well as leadership and patience.

The earnings for Ob/gyn’s depend on experience and their location. The average salary ranges from 100,000-325,000 a year. In a hospital the average pay is 193,000 they receive benefits, health insurance, paid vacation, and retirement plan. The Michigan wages for a OBGYNS at a entry level are 182,490 a year. At an experienced level their making 187,200 a year. For sample career path your title would be an ob/gyn. They can make between 150,000-325,00 a year. Then a completion of their residency and certified by the state and ABOG. Their responsibilities would be patient care, surgery, and baby delivery.

The future for Ob/gyn’s is strong the career is moving a 24% growth rate higher than they actually rate which is 14%. There are a list of career that are similar or in the same field as an ob/gyn some are Oncologist, Pediatrician, Family Physician, Midwife and Registered Nurses. 

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