Women's Health Initiative on Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dear Friend, I want to share with you the shocking results of a that went horribly wrong! In fact, the health risks were so SHOCKING for these women taking synthetic hormones, they stopped the study three years early! Here’s what they found: 26% higher risk of breast cancer 29% higher risk of heart attack Increased risk for stroke The truth is your hormone levels naturally decline with age, starting in your 40s. And menopause can throw your hormone levels way out of whack.

If you’re on the menopausal roller coaster, then you are all too familiar with these uncomfortable symptoms:  Hot flashes  Insomnia Lost libido Bloating and weight gain Breakthrough bleeding Headaches Night sweats Mood swings, anxiety and depression Aging skin, thinning hair and brittle nails And there’s more bad news … Age-related hormone imbalance may increase your risk of heart disease … osteoporosis …

Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you’re sick and tired of living in hormone hell, then I’ve got GREAT news for you! Now, you don’t have to live with the annoying discomfort and pain of these symptoms ANY LONGER! Thanks to a breakthrough solution scientifically proven to help erase your WORST symptoms.

Women are changing the way they feel about menopause – and you will too … FOREVER! And you’ll feel a heck of a lot healthier and happier, too! It’s already making a huge difference in the lives of so many women. Barb R. says: “All the prescriptions from doctors, naturopaths etc. did not help at all.

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I was a total mess with horrible mood fluctuations, frustrations, stress…but now that all around and fixed the problem…no mood swings, more calm.” Becky S. says: “ Hot flashes gone! This has made a big difference for me.” Tracy says: “Before I just felt like I want to go right back to bed after I got up but now I find that I have more energy to do things I need to do.” Phytoestrogens – Nature’s prescription for hot flashes and other nasty hormonal symptoms.

Restore your female hormones naturally … Powerful natural compounds found in certain plants called “phytoestrogens” work naturally to adjust hormone levels unique to YOUR body. Not a one-size-fits-all remedy – these powerhouse compounds naturally adapt to your body’s needs. Why is it Asian women typically don’t experience many of the symptoms related to menopause and hormone imbalance? Because Asian diets are rich in these plant-based phytoestrogens. Supplemental phytoestrogens now offer a safe and healthy alternative for you to get the hormonal support you need now. And, there’s more good news! Numerous studies have reported on these additional health benefits associated with phytoestrogens: … decreased risk of heart disease … decreased risk of breast and uterine cancer … help protect aging brain cells … decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure … increase in bone mineral density of the spine and hip If you’ve felt hopeless … discouraged by lack of safe and healthy options to bring balance to your hormones … ready to get off the menopausal roller coaster, relief is at hand…

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