Book "No trace" of Lisa Gardner

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Sandra and Jason Jones will perform with her little daughter Ree a normal family life. But it is normal to provide his house with grilles and security locks? Without any contact with relatives, neighbors or friends completely sealed off to live a partnership, father and mother actually see in only during the handover of her daughter? Sandra is a teacher and works during the day, Father Jason, a reporter who works at night.

How did it happen that his wife has disappeared, an early morning comes as Jason home? There is no evidence of forced entry, nothing of their personal belongings – handbag, house keys, ID – is missing.

Only the bedside lamp is broken, and the quilt is not there. Jason called the police.

D.D. Warren Homicide and her team stumble into a case that looks quite harmless, but then becomes more entangled. No, his wife had never gone, she would never leave Ree – that’s as good as anything the investigators can elicit the uncooperative husband, and then only with difficulty.

Strange, this Jason: Did he have something to hide? But woken Ree know something, feel the D. D. Maybe she is witness to the nightly events. The race against time begins, Sandra does not return, and Jason is the prime suspect to have them possibly murdered.

But as simply leaves Lisa Gardner their crime does not continue to run. She brings a previously convicted sex offenders into play that just lives in Sandra’s neighborhood. He is branded for life – despite successful rehabilitation.

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His probation officer puts him hand in the fire, but recidivists there are always … For D. D. He is the second suspect.

During the investigation laboriously go ahead, Sandra reported in italics remote text insets by her horrific childhood and youth. In Jason she saw the opportunity to escape their misery. With him she wanted to lead an embossed of love, security and safety marriage. But Jason is mentally disturbed; he has secrets that Sandra at night while he works in secret ventilated using the family computer. So guess readers that Sandra still have to live. But where she is and why she does not come back? What are they so afraid

This is a thriller that keeps constantly in suspense one: Permanent turns of events, plus allusions to the chapter ends will not let go. Is the assumption that you now want to know quickly clarified as a reader?

Normal is nothing in this novel. It provides a little disgusting to comprehensive collection of characters whose actions is full of spite and malice. I could hardly put it down the more than 500-page thriller. Since he is very fluent reading, he never tired – rather, to hunt, to get behind all the secrets that Lisa Gardner has very cleverly designed bit by bit, by the book, like Theseus following the thread of Ariadne to get back quickly from the out labyrinth of the Minotaur.

that puts the world of this novel so full of monstrosities, could criticize you, but at least Lisa Gardner has created a successful real thriller. Well I like has a completely unexpected twist on it, as you discover in retrospect, are, however, quite advance references to sensitive readers… A psychological thriller, which exceeded my expectations after reading impression surpassed.

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