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There are many different constructions for different administrations. I am traveling to be explicating the current construction of societal services and am traveling to explicate the consequence of the direction construction whilst looking at the chief services that chief sectors have to offer. I will explicate the operation of one societal work scene and analyze the impact of societal work with respects to a peculiar group.

I will utilize a recent instance for my chosen sector and measure the weaknesss of the societal services, who those weaknesss effected and what has been done since to guarantee it does non go on once more.

Marie Therese Kouao 2017

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Above is an illustration of how the Social Services Hierarchical construction looks.

It follows the layout of a pyramid and derives into the base of staff degree employees with normally the Chief executive officer or manager at the top. There are many pros to holding an administration construction like this. It allows employees to see clearly who it is they need study to and makes obvious their degrees of duty. This is critical to a societal service administration to safeguard non merely themselves but their service users. A priestly system, nevertheless, does besides hold its disadvantages. It promotes competition which could deflect some who are peculiarly competitory.

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Martin, J and Fellenz, M ( 2010 ) suggest “ Often Hierarchies are created non because they are functionally required but because they provide a locale for forcing unwanted people up in the administration or for supplying promotional avenue. These dysfunctional hierarchies are in fact the cause for decreased organizational effectivity ”

Another common illustration of organizational constructions is Matrix. The matrix construction groups its employees by map and merchandise. The design of this construction is instead level in comparing to that of the hierarchy. They normally work under the caput of a undertaking director but besides have a functional caput who they would describe to. An advantage of this is that it allows employees to specialize in a specific field but can sometimes besides cause confusion as to who to describe to.

Ealing societal services offer many different services: child care and early old ages, bluish badge strategy, kid protection and safe guarding, public assistance benefits – low income, furthering and acceptance and attention places. Im traveling to look at Child protection and safe guarding. Below is the hierarchal construction that Ealing usage for their Children in demand squad:

Again it is clear to see who is in charge and who each employee needs to describe to. At the top there are the squad directors ; below them is the deputy squad director. The deputy would be responsible for describing to the squad director. Below the deputy there the societal workers and senior societal workers who are both responsible for describing to the Deputy squad director. Below them there are societal worker helpers who report to the societal workers and senior societal workers.

Ealing Social services kids in demand squad ( 2011 ) province on their web site: Children in Need squad offer a societal work service to households where kids are deemed to be ‘in demand ‘ as defined by subdivision 17 of the Children Act 1989. They work preponderantly with: Children whose names are on the kid protection registry, kids deemed to be in demand of household support services due to an assessed degree of demand and kids with a disablement that is non deemed to be ‘severe and profound ‘ – the latter are referred to the Children with Disability Team. Social workers will measure household demands and pull up a household support bundle with parents to enable kids to be safely and efficaciously cared for within their households. The squad are seeking to better the lives of their service users by supplying a support which can be authorising. They have a duty to guarantee kids and immature people who may be marginalised are safeguarded whilst advancing their public assistance. They have other squads who they work in partnership with such as the Youth Offending squad who try to forestall re piquing among young persons and supply support for victims of young person offense. These statutory administrations are funded by the authorities. Although these squads do the best they can to better the lives of marginalised kids and young persons, errors can and make go on. This can take to drastic effects on non merely the service user but the administration as a whole particularly if one has non followed the codification of behavior provided by the societal services.

There was an question made intro the decease of Victoria Climbie Who died aged eight on the 25th February 2000. She died from multiple hurts. Marie-Therese Kouao was Victoria ‘s Aunt and career she lived with her Boyfriend Carl Manning from whom Victoria received barbarous maltreatment from. In 1999 she was foremost taken to the infirmary by her child-minder who suspected the miss had non inadvertent hurts but the physician accepted Kouao ‘s narrative that the lesions were self-inflicted by rubing at itchs sores. The kid protection governments were alerted as a safeguard. Social worker Lisa Arthurworrey and PC Karen Jones were assigned to the instance and conducted a place visit. Subsequently the same twelvemonth Victoria was admitted to hospital once more. This clip for scaulding to her caput and face. Immediately physicians suspected that these hurts were intentionally inflicted. Kouao told Arthurworrey and Jones that the hurts were due to her pouring hot H2O over Victoria ‘s caput to halt her from rubing her scalp and that other hurts on her were caused by Victoria utilizing utensils. These accounts were accepted by the kid protection governments and Victoria was collected from infirmary by Kouao. Evidence reveals that Victoria was forced by Maning to kip in the bath with merely a bin line drive. In the same twelvemonth of 1999 Kouao advised societal workers that Victoria had been sexually assaulted by Maning but withdrew her statement the following twenty-four hours. Personal computer Jones was to look into this but after no answer to the missive she sent to Kouao she took no farther action. Early 2000 Victoria was once more admitted to the infirmary. This clip for a combination of malnutrition and hypothermia and she was transferred to an intensive attention ward. She died the following twenty-four hours. DR Nathaniel Carey, the place office diagnostician examined Victoria and found 128 different hurt ‘s and scars many of which were coffin nail Burnss. He described what he saw as “ the worst instance of kid maltreatment I ‘ve of all time encounter. ” Both Marie-Therese Kouao and Carl Manning were charged with the slaying of Victoria Climbie. When they were interviewed they both claimed that Victoria was possessed. They were sentence to life in prison for what Judge Howkins described as Victoria ‘s “ lonely drawn out decease ” .

The decease of Victoria could hold been avoided had the right determinations been made from those assigned to protect her. There were gross failures of the system. The inquiry study confirms that there were at least 13 occasions where relevant services could hold intervened and assist Victoria but they failed to make so. This intercession would non hold put heavy demands on staff, or required great accomplishment so it is flooring to all that no action was of all time taken. Another failure was adequateness of the system. Lord Lamming argued that “ had Ealing, in my position, done the occupation they should hold done on the 2nd twenty-four hours that Victoria was in this state, it is likely that all of the other bureaus would non hold needed to be involved. ” He besides pointed out that at the clip of Victoria ‘s instance Ealing Social services were passing significantly below their Standard Spending Assessment ( SSA ) on services for kids. Child protection services besides failed Victoria by failure to implement the Children Act 1989. This was described by Crippling as a “ fundamentally sound statute law ” . The chief purposes of the Act are: to convey together private and public jurisprudence in one model ; to accomplish a better balance between protecting kids and enabling parents to dispute province intercession ; to promote greater partnership between statutory governments and parents ; to advance the usage of voluntary agreements ; to reconstitute the model of the tribunals to ease direction of household proceedings. Had this act have been implemented it is about certain that Victoria ‘s terminal would non hold been the calamity that it was.

Not merely did these weaknesss have a profound consequence on the service user taking to her decease. It besides impacted the administration as a whole. An enquiry was called after the strong belief of Kouao and Manning. There were inquiries that had been raised about the engagement of societal workers which Carole Baptiste, the Senior societal worker for Victoria ‘s instance, failed to go to. She was tried for intentionally transgressing an enquiry biddings and was fined ?500. Henry ( 2008 ) states “ the tragic decease of Victoria Climbie, in Haringey, at the custodies of her grandaunt and the adult female ‘s fellow, sparked an independent enquiry by Lord Laming, a kids ‘s measure and structural alterations to societal services sections across the state ” A database suggested by Crippling was to be introduced which will hold all the necessary inside informations of 11million kids including GP ‘s, Schools and Social workers working with them. There was besides the assignment of a kids ‘s commissioner, the meeting of council instruction and societal services sections and the constitution of local safeguarding kids boards, made up of senior council functionaries, societal workers, constabulary, instruction and wellness staff. The review of kids ‘s services has besides been brought under Ofsted ‘s remit. If a kid protection system has different constructions, systems and working in different countries, it has the possible to do serious complications. Because of this there were new local authorities constructions introduced. There was besides a suggestion for a national kid protection bureau but this was rejected. There was besides a recommendation for a new Social services construction which is below:

Ministerial Children and Families board

National Agency for Children and Families

( Children ‘s Commissioner for England )

Regional Office

Local Member Committee

For Children and Families

Management Board for Services

To Children and Families

Local Forum

Director of kids and households ‘


Social Servicess

Safeguarding Children





In decision the administration construction for the Social Services is critical to the smooth running of the services they offer and to the safe guarding of their service users. If statute laws and policies are non followed so the construction can neglect non merely the administration but the service users. The Hierarchy system is still in topographic point with the Social Services to day of the month and with the alterations that have been implicated to non merely the construction but the administration as whole should guarantee smooth running in the hereafter with right determinations being made by those who need to do them.

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