No one knows what time it is by René friend Review

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Klaus Weilheim knew that liver cancer is not much life would begrudge him. For his daughter Nora but his death came as a surprise to 75 years. The journalist, 35, already did not know much about her widowed father. No matter, as an only child she would be his sole heir stately assets – paintings, shares a condo in the heart of Paris. To probate it is summoned to the notary of Maitre Charles Didier in fine Palais quarter Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.

Unexpectedly, it is another person present, the candidate notary Magister Bernhard Petrovits from Vienna, as he imagines with indicated Handkuss , And the will holds another surprise.

The legacy is linked to a peculiar order. “Nora Weilheim is to transport the urn with my mortal remains from Paris to Vienna to one of my location to be determined in Austria, where my ashes will find their final resting. A part of the journey is to take place exclusively on foot, under supervision of a notary.

the milestones are passed by Maitre Charles Didier one day in advance by phone or by mail. ” In default, the entire fortune goes to a pharmaceutical company who experiments with laboratory animals.

Neither Austria nor hiking are among Nora’s favorite. She is accustomed to a comfortable life in France. For what reason her father wants to do to her such a double Tort? And what’s with the clause of the notarial supervision for an explanation? If the young Bernhard trot in ready-made suit off the rack and obediently parted hair as an extension of the notary by her side through Austria to monitor the ballot box in the backpack and its step number?

As much as anything in Nora against the project is reluctant, but her mind was urging them to accept the unpopular conditions, if only because the alternative to fund animal experiments, probably the very last would.

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So she takes after a mini-ceremony in the crematorium, the hot commodity in reception, puts it in a customized plastic bag, and the unequal protagonists are on their way. To Vienna, she may use the aircraft, “Dad in the bag” caused naturally associated problems with security check.

Then reached the two, the first destination information, formulated by Klaus during his lifetime and the Maitre as MP4 Video Bernhard’s mobile spediert. Now it go “to the monastery in the southwest,” it says plenty of vague, and Nora is indignant: “What is this shit, go to the monastery in the southwest … sounds … like a stupid novel by Paulo Coelho.” Heiligenkreuz, Mariazell, Admont – – In the next few days five more instructions that the two hikers, including urn on a monastery route to follow. Conduct to the Ennstal

The instructions are accompanied by serious thoughts that empathetic father formulated for his daughter, but did not reach as desired. Soon go his “wisdom and innuendo” Nora belonging “in the bag”. In this had always been the dream of the father with his daughter as an extensive hike. Walking through the impressive natural and cultural landscape he wanted to give her how he felt after the accidental death of his wife as a lonely man and a single parent, loving father, as he searched for meaning in life and after revelations of a higher being. The reasons why he has not realized his intention he calls regretting that he had soul and spirit not sufficiently developed further; especially it would have prevented life “fear of complete surrender,” “afraid of the big trust”. Only in his last message, a handwritten letter, Klaus reveals his core problem that kept him from approaching his daughter inside: it is a war child of war parents who himself never showed emotions and let go through no emotions their children. The only longer unnoticeable end touch the hands of the parents was a slap. “Clenching Teeth” was the survival motto. So Klaus had been unable to learn to embrace his daughter to give her love and trust.

What convinced me of this novel is not, neither in the figure characterization still in the plot yet stylistically. Nora, as free, but unsuccessful journalist, messy, stubborn, proud and “smart” drawn, falls mainly through their insensitive, arrogant kind on (which I can not connect with “Wisdom”); her companion, the law student Bernhard is largely clichés composed (pedant, ascetic, vegans, Blumenfreund), the moderately funny scenes generate (if it ever is about having the ultimate homemaker tips in hand or Nora nachhakt such as together go Veganertum and blowjob ). In the end, in terms of its role awaits a surprise, but you could already calculate in advance how it could come.

Only the deceased father makes in his video messages for depth. Anyway, he has more thoughtfulness to offer than its superficial daughter, and at the same time it is clear that she has no right antenna for it ( “Hello, my dear child … I’m so sorry that I scare you …”) , He has lived his entire life with a lie. Just across the posthumous detour he can ask her and late take responsibility. (Because storytelling is still waiting for an exciting mystery on its resolution.)

So the novel lurches between its different, probably irreconcilable claims there: to make the painful failure of a delusion seriously; to expose ambiguous characters; to track a plot that as a road movie progresses application rich, tension is created and showing off his protagonists. The sound is a permanent alternative program: While the father tries hard to put his needs and concerns into words the experiences of the two hikers often come (about the urn) and conversations hardly plate slapstick addition

<. p> on the one hand is the act close of places, transport, technology and settings (mourning) to the modern day reality bound, on the other hand have the basic concept lacks persuasiveness: Would someone like Klaus Weilheim – “an educated, cultured man, perhaps even a man of world “- after he has mastered a career full of successes, actually prepare his most important personal concern so complicated and then also refrain from experience the result itself


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