"Love Among Fish" by Rene Friend

The Berlin publisher Susanne Beckmann is in severe distress. Your all-in-one OPERATION, they shop A woman leading a (all jobs in personal union), is facing bankruptcy. Only one could pull them out of the mess: Alfred Firneis, or “Fred”, the author of their last year’s bestseller. The other author, she relocated called Bassam, but the drives currently taxi. Firneis will not let you down; it is sometimes fast tight a few lines, and you can throw another poetry tapes on the market and cash in.

But where’s Fred doing? From its fixed-line answering her buzzes again the same message against “. Answering machine by Alfred Firneis Please leave a message I do not recall..” His cell phone is turned off. Put the comet determined in any celestial spheres? Susanne has to visit him. From its publishing office in Tucholskystraße she sets out to gen Kreuzberg that her unpopular, dingy and “completely overrated quarter”. For eternal ringing Fred opens reluctant to his apartment door.

She urges him aside, procures access, and already you jump all the misery everywhere contrary: disorder and Siff! The man needed “professional help” – as Next Liegendes a cleaner, but in the longer term will take a psychological doctor, because obviously the man schliddert directly into a stubborn depression. Burnout! He feels burned out, can not and will not write more.

But our clever Susanne does not give up – after all, it ‘s up to the lower lip, and she must know no mercy. So Fred overcomes his writer’s block, are you all possible means, and so the man the object of a frame-up game, a devious plot.

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At the end everyone is happy. Love makes it possible that Fred finds himself and his words. Creative frenzy it provides Susanne their desired book “Love among fish”. So they again get the curve and can avert bankruptcy.

Oh dear, that is a shallow stories! A little harmless banter love, a little something Ringelpiez with touch, garnished with  insider information ‘from the publishing industry, the book market, the literature and the Berlin scene, the whole thing packed on  amusing. Susanne Beckmann’s directive to its author Fred Firneis it this way: “I also have thus more pages, then we can ask for more. ” The method of the page Schindens dominates also the author René friend. Because Fred writes Susanne regular letters (whose understated style to experience essays from school remembers.) – but what he has to say, we were previously already told Live.

Sometimes you might think René friend also pursues the intention to take the literary targeted. A few nice phrases ( “A poem is not meant to be understood.”) And the “Preview text” Fred Firneis’ “Love among fish” (meaning the text with the new release is announced and advertised is meant) aim perhaps in this direction. Since Ms. Beckmann brings together a hodgepodge of topics of poetry criticism: “In a lyrical tour de force takes Fred Firneis all the hurdles that no longer surmountable seemed to Adorno’s verdict … From asphalt and urban poems … to pastoral seemingly parables … in the footsteps of Kleist and Eichendorffs … contest between sadness and hope, Weltschmerz and enlightenment … irony … romantic or postmodern … “the high-sounding words are in stark contrast to the witty and simplicity of the figures of the poet and his publisher. But a satirical concept with bite and depth I could not make.

The summer cover and the tantalizing blurb ( “An alpine screwball comedy with a showdown in Berlin – fast, surprising and very, very entertaining”). Promised unfortunately, it was kept low – too much.

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"Love Among Fish" by Rene Friend
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