No One Accepts the Call of Death

Excessive tears dropped down from every student’s eyes. The Headmaster had gone gentle in that good night after free one’s horse. In this context, the poem written by Dylan Thomas “Do not go gentle into that night” has ample meanings such as a death in various circumstances. According to my opinion, this poem reflects death happening to the young man.

It seems that the setting of the poem was in the room where this boy was afraid of the coming of his death.

According to the Author, he suggested that plenty of young men are not prepared for their death hence when death time comes they do not accept it. In the first part of the part poem, the writer said the death of the light simply means death, and he presented it with the behavior of the sun. The sun rises in the morning very beautiful and sets in the evening, and so does the life of the person.

Every human being is born and grows up and dies which is the rising of the sun and sunset. Also, according to the poem, I can conclude that “good night” represents death. The last part of the first stanza has words like Rage, rage which simply means the resistance to death the young man had.

The poet said that the rising of the sun refers to the time when one is born into this world, and the sunset refers to the time when one is dying like what the young man encountered.

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The poet continues to say that wise in the second stanza know that death is real. They have tremendously failed to fight this death and bring some change to society. These wise men attempted to level their best to change society but to no avail, hence they once again fail to accept this death as what the young man did. There are some other times in life when someone has not accepted the environment and the situation he is going through, hence in the end taking the appropriate solutions as the wise men in this poem did. They thought they can change society by using their weapon.

Good men always hope for good things to make this world a better place for everyone to live. The same was talked by the poet in the third stanza, he talked about good men who sacrificed their time and energy to live a better life. They wish they could have another wave to do one more thing to the world, but the time says no. This is what exactly happens with our daily life, we work hard and produce efficiently and become successful and make this world a better place for everyone to live. They further said, if one more chance Is given they could have danced in a green bay.

Little is much when a second chance is given. Poet refers to the greatest people who worked tirelessly to make a gigantic difference in life. It may be rulers, Presidents, Doctors, Students, and anyone else who felt his work was incomplete before he died. It has been found that no one wants to die, everyone wants eternal life which is impossible in this world, people may have done enormous achievements in life but when its time to die, they feel like the work is incomplete and they say little is much second chance is given to them. It’s correct no one has ever been satisfied with achievements, everybody deserves one more. I find this very interesting as well. We realize too late that time has gone but we still ask for one more time. “Grave men”, according to the writer are men who lived long to the extent of growing old and started losing their eyesight and becoming dim but still more they wanted to braze like mentors and be gay. They wished they could have seen much more things in this life before death calls them. This clearly shows that no one wants to die early in this life and no one accepts death moment. The poet used a lot of metaphors to make the reader understand the context of the poem.

In brief, no one accepted the call of death. This has been shown in the poem when the young man approached his death but still needed time to live. He asks his father to bless him and tell him that he was afraid of dying.

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