A New Disease that We call "Black Death"

A new disease that we refer to as “black death” is sweeping across the continent and nearby cities. It was reported that weeks ago a sailor had meet the disease and now that whole city is infected, and their population is fading quickly by the day. This plague came from rats during sea travel in the Mediterranean. This disease is putting a strain on social relationships between family and friends because people are so terrified of catching this disease that at the sign of any symptoms they abandon you or lock you up some people even began to flee cities and shut themselves off from the rest of society.

Peoples faith in religion also began to decrease because of prayers not working on their loved one. This disease is so deadly that it nearly kills anybody who encounters it.

But that’s not the only thing killing off our population my fellow English men are busy at war with the French.

There had been reports of French armies making sneak attacks in neighboring cities which were enough to scare most of the people in town into not even stepping outside. Most people became so terrified of their lands being plundered and them being taken as prisoners of war that most left the area. The plague is spreading faster and faster with each day as it already reached a city 5 miles from us. This event has sent our community into a big panic that we have blocked all the roads leading to our city.

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All kinds of thoughts are running through my head about how I hope that the disease doesn’t come close to our community and that my family can make it through this.

Our whole village lived in fear for the following few weeks until our worst fear was confirmed. One of my closest friends had contracted the disease, and I could only look up to the heavens and ask God ‘why.’ He started off showing symptoms of fever, headache, and vomiting but it got even worse as black dots began to appear all over his body. The next phase he started complaining of feeling pain in his joints and then he began to cough up blood. This situation led to a town meeting where people were deciding if we should bury him alive or lock him in an old room to protect the disease from spreading to the rest of the population.

Dave is only starting to get worse, and I’m started to get annoyed with the fact that I feel so useless because there is nothing that I can do for him. His family visits him often, but I can see in their eyes that they are heartbroken because they know his time is nearly up. None of the treatment was working trying to drain the fluid out of the spots was as ineffective as the mixture of water and vinegar. After a few hours, I decided to pay him a late afternoon visit where I saw that he had died in his sleep peacefully after. A few hours later the cart that collects dead bodies came around to take the body and properly disposed of it I felt that this was wrong because it showed no respect for the dead as it was just a cart filled with numerous bodies being carried around and dumped as if we didn’t care about those who died.

Our army is doing well in the war they have captured another French town to add to their victory at the battle of Calais last year. These actions also give the people of England some hope after hearing about the sneak attacks on nearby cities that the French were executing, but this provides us with some confidence that we are close to winning this war for the throne. Most of the noblemen throughout the country were extremely pleased because all the revenue they were generating from the plundering of the French cities. But this came at a cost to us regular people as taxes continued to skyrocket so that we could protect our newly gained territory.

I have never seen a disease spread so swiftly that it was almost impossible for me to believe the number of people in the city who were sick or were already dead. The population of the city was fading fast, and there was nothing that we could do to stop it. Theirs have also been a food shortage in the village because most of the men who did the harvest had also contracted this disease. Because of the lack of workers, our community faced starvation which led to insane inflation of prices for food. Because of the high taxes, most people across England are starting to revolt because it seems like the crown did not care about our well being because they were too focused on conquering France.

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