My View on Euthanasia

You have a terminal illness, Your final days will be spent in an enormous amount of pain. You have exactly one month before you eventually die. Not much time is it? What are you going to do with the twelfth of a year left on the planet? Odds are you won‘t be taking that trip to France that you‘ve always dreamt of. Instead you will be one of many people who are trapped in a hospital in serious pain, knowing that in a few short weeks they will die.

What if, instead of staying inside the hospital in constant pain until you die, you could be offered a choice. Would you allow your doctor to kill you in a virtually painless way? It’s a very easy decision for malty people, why suffer needlessly when you‘re going to die anyways? For others however, the act of euthanasia, better known as “mercy killing“ is considered a heinous act of murder.

If you‘re killing someone in order to alleviate their suffering then why is it even illegal in the US? Other countries allow it, The US should too. In fact, euthanasia is legal in five states, the first being Oregon in 1997.

The five states that do have this law enacted require that patients give two oral requests and a written request with a witness, each fifteen days apart. That’s a “safe” way to kill someone. They have forty five days for someone to change their mind Most people are going to call for their death when they think life is pointless, and that the only thing left is suffering.

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The forty five day wait period is a good way to allow them to possibly change their minds. So why is this considered to be a controversial subject? It isn‘t, but at the same time it is. There’s one branch of euthanasia that people don’t really mind, This is called passive euthanasia Essentially this is pulling the plug on life support systems, and giving the patient more painkillers, This kills the patient, either by the drugs or by the life support being withdrawn. Have you seen the movies where the doctor tells the family that their loved one is dying, and that they likely won’t make it, so pulling the plug might be merciful? That‘s essentially what passive euthanasia is. Active euthanasia however, is much different.

This is where the debates storm in Active euthanasia is, well, actively killing someone with lethal substances or outside forces. This is usually by lethal injection injected by a doctor or physician For many people they see this as murder, and it is murder, but they mean murder that is morally, religiously, and ethically wrongr Others say that it is morally, religiously, and ethically right. You’re alleviating suffering by ending their lives faster. My grandmotherr Tough stubborn woman she was Asked my sister to fix a completely broken and dislocated finger for her. My grandfather had to take care of her everyday. In her last couple years of life she would go into the hospital almost every week because something broke or she has some kind of disease She was in pain all that time. I was too young to realize it, and she did a good job of hiding it, but she couldn’t hide it from my father, and he didn‘t hide it from me Three years of an almost weekly hospital visit. Three years of constant pain.

Then she died in what I remember was a painless way, Still, three years of constantly going to the hospital with doctors saying “you might die from this” all the time? I don’t know how she felt, but I know how my dad felt, He wanted her to die quickly just so she could stop suffering. If I were in her spot and I had the option to kill myself to alleviate my suffering, I would What about me? At what state would I voluntarily end my life? There are only two states in which I would do it, one of which where euthanasia is illegal. The first would be if I had some kind of mental condition, like alzheimer’s, that would permanently affect my life My other grandmother had that, and I’ll be honest, she was pretty close to being a vegetable, If I were like her, there would be no way I’d want to live If euthanasia becomes legal across the US, my last will and testament will state that I want to be euthanized if] become as vegetative as my grandmother.

The second state would be the whole reason why euthanasia existsr To escape a painful death There’s all these war stories where comrades have killed fellow comrades in order to end their suffering. If my guts were spilled on the ground in front of me and] still had hours to live then I would want my fellow soldier to end it for mer Terminal illnesses are the same. Your life is slowly withering away until you can’t even move. You spend your last weeks in paint Why suffer? Euthanasia is perfectly legal for pets, yet they have absolutely no say in it. Humans on the other hand can volunteer for it. Yet apparently euthanasia for humans is different than for pets. Yes, technically euthanasia is murdert.

But it’s a merciful murder: You can’t deny a person’s right to die just like you can’t deny their right to free speech. They’re going to die anyways so you’re not taking anything away from them, other than immense pain. Do we really want to keep the pain in death? ls putting your dog down the same as watching your mother, father, sister, or whatever family member it might be ask for euthanasia? It is. It’s hard for everyone, but you know deep down that it’s right for that person It isn‘t morally or ethically wrong when the person wants it. There’s no difference between giving a person a gun and asking themselves to put a bullet in their brain than lethally injecting them yourself. They want the death anyways, and many people aren’t able to kill themselves like that They want a dignified death. That’s what the doctors will do.

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