A Look at the Controversial Topic of Euthanasia in the United States

The debate over the morality of the medical practice of euthanasia has been debated over a countless amount of Limes. The practice of “easy death” enables people to die in a virtually painless manner, and on their own terms This process brings with it much debate, going back to at least the Greek physician, Hippocrates, or as he is also known as, the Father of Medicine. With a practice that involves the life of a human being, it is reasonable to see why it has been so many years, and still euthanasia is a much-heated topic.

There are several types of medical euthanasia, but for the focus of this topic revolves around Physician-Assisted Suicide, In this practice, a physician assists in the suicide of a terminally ill patient, usually by supplying them with a lethal drug, but the patients administer the drug to themselves. In theory this euthanasia is intended to give the patient a peaceful death and relieve them from the pain and suffering the may be facing because of their illness.

According to the article by Deliberating in a Democracy, only the Netherlands and Belgium allow large-scale euthanasia, but follow a very strict guideline to make sure the patient is indeed eligible for it. However, a study conducted by the Dutch Supreme Court in 1996, found that from the 10,000 who apply one third are accepted, revealing how loosely the guidelines are enforced, and how the “slippery slope” can lead to many unnecessary deaths. In my opinion, our government should give permission to physicians to assist patients with suicide, as it would be too complicated to have a strict guideline that would universally work with all patients whom apply for it.

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Like the residents of the state of Oregon found out when they passed a “Death with Dignity Act”, many people who want euthanasia, are those who suffer mainly from depression, which is treatable with palliative care.

With the option of such an easy death, I believe patients would not even try to get treatment for their illness, as death would be easier and less expensive for their families. Some patients mightjust not feel wanted, or do not have the mental strength to battle the long-term war against their disease and just want to get out of their situation. It would be impossible to determine which patients ask for physician assisted suicide truly based on their level of pain, and suffering, from those who ask for in solely based on their unwillingness to continue facing their disease. Therefore, it is best for the government to not get involved, as it would just ruin the already damaged image of the government we already have

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