My Speech to The Class

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My heart would pound rapidly and I could feel my cheeks turn a bright red in immense warmth at the very thought of a delivering a speech in front of my entire class. I would lose my train of thought in an instance and my mouth would tremble with fear trying to release the ideas, thoughts, and opinions that were trapped in my brain with no way to exit and be presented to the world. In sixth grade, my school required every student to write a speech and perform it to the class.

The student with the best speech in the homeroom class would then go on to compete with other sixth graders in the school who were also nominated from their respective homeroom classes. As I drew inspiration from Malala Yousafzai, an independent, strong, and educated woman, who overcame all barriers to advocate what she believed in, I knew that my speech had to be about female education rights.

I wished to inspire my fellow peers with words that resonated with them and allowed my ideas to not only reach their minds, but connect with their souls.

I vividly recollect myself being so passionate about my speech that I wanted to take advantage of every minute and every second that I spent talking to my class about something I truly and strongly believed in. Thus, I worked furiously and rigorously to allow the ideas, thoughts, and opinions trapped inside my brain to come out as words that did justice to my passion for my chosen topic.

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“Jaspreet,” the teacher called out as she told me that it was my turn to present. As expected, my cheeks turned a glowing hot red and mouth turned dry longing for water.

I remember my hands and legs shaking in fear as I held the paper in my hand that was about to advocate my belief. I remember taking a few seconds, what seemed as minutes, to regain control over my body. I reminded myself of the countless times I revised my speech and the numerous times I stood before my parents presenting it to them, there was no room for error I remember thinking to myself. As I took a deep breath and began, I found myself being inspired by my very own speech. I saw my peers leaning in to hear every word and my confidence rose as their belief in me did as well. My thoughts filled the classroom as my classmates applauded me for my speech. To them it was only a speech contest, but to me it was more than that.

Not only did this speech contest improve my public presentation skills, it allowed me to decipher that my ideas mattered and they deserved to be conveyed and expressed. People actually cared to know what I had to say, I remember thinking to myself. I could see my confidence plummet as I began participating in my class discussions, raising my hand, and taking a leadership role both inside and outside my classroom. I also decided to create an eco-club with my fellow classmates where we advocated and spoke on behalf of the environment allowing my confidence to reach at its highest peak.

Looking back, I think to myself that it took one speech contest to change the girl inside of me that was too blind to notice that the world was listening and too deaf to recognize her own voice. My face no longer changed colors and my mouth no longer turned rough and dry. I now knew that my voice mattered and with confidence we can climb the greatest mountains. We often do not understand the value of moment until it becomes a memory and perhaps we might not able to understand the power of our voice until it is silenced, so in a world where we are given an opportunity to speak our mind, not a second nor a minute should be left unused.

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