My Sample of an Anglo Saxon Boast

I am the astute descendant of Martha and John and the imposing model of two gallows, puckish boys. My superlative childhood was engulfed with the colors of my parent’s motherland, the aroma of family cooked meals, on a lukewarm summer nights, and with my household walls Jam-packed with melodious tempos. My oddly hazy adulthood entailed of incalculable hours painfully tackling books, constantly interpolating on the completion of the cruelty.

Now, allow me drape your ears with my dear dexterity, And take my word that all shall be dumbfounded.

Today, I shall reveal my superb language proficiencies: With godly talent, clutching new languages, Came like a breeze, as foreseeable. Nothing is of challenge to this genius learner, As it is sadly for the senseless societies. For this glorious conqueror sees no boundaries, As other weaklings do.

Needing nothing more than a few days, To subjugate the nameless words. Amusing all who have had the advantage to Meet the authority of all languages, Understanding every word articulated.

Doubt if you wish, for both you and I are mindful of Your minute probability to ever draw close to a revered Intellect. However, do not let my mere audacity seize your Insignificant enthusiasm. For I know you can always study.

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My Sample of an Anglo Saxon Boast
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