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There were 3 main reasons why The Romans wanted to conquer Britain: 1st Big amount of corn; 2nd Rome was a slave owning society and they needed more slaves; 3rd In the first century b. C. Rome was in war with Gaul and the Cells from Britain helped Gaul to fight against the Romans. It took 98 years for the Roman to conquer a part of Britain known today as England. 55 years b. C. Julius Caesar undertook the first attempts but failed because of the very strong Celtic opposition .

54 years b. C. Caesar came back with an army of 25. 00 people and conquered a small terrier near present day London . His aim, however, was not to conquer the terrier as such, he took everything he wanted (corn, slaves) Introduced heavy taxes Celebrated. 43 years a. D. (after Jesus was born) Emperor Claudia finally conquered the terrier of pres day England and pushed the Cells, who lived there to the less fertile and more mountains area of present day Scotland and Wales.

The Roman legacy: 1. They build a large network of solid military roads some of which exist and are used even today.

Ex: The road that connects 2 cities London and Chester and Is called Witling Castro) these camps later developed into a number of English towns, so If today the name of an Eng town has the suffix – Chester, it means that to was founded by the Romans. Ex: Manchester, Chester, Lancaster,Lester,Windcheater. 3. The Romans brought reading and writing, naturally in Latin. 4. They brought the tradition of “Baths” to Britain.

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(They founded hot mineral springs near pres day town of Bath and established the first SPA -area In Britain. 5.

The Romans build a number of protective walls to defend themselves against the hostile Cells. Ex: The Hadrons wall, which nowadays stands on the border between England and Scotland and was build in the 4th century. 6. The Romans developed a small village of Linden into a own and maid it their capital with the name Aluminum. In pres day English there is a number of Latin borrowings that came from the Romans . There are some groups : 1 . Words connected with food and drinks :wine, cheese, peas. 2. Words connected with clothing : shirts,belt. 3. Rods con with Christianity: In the year 395 Roman Empire was divided into 2 parts and all the Romans in England were withdrawn to defend the rest of the empire against the Barbaric attacks from the Germanic lands, unfortunately in 476 the Roman Empire finally collapsed and there started a knew era of Middle Ages. The Angle-Saxon conquest. In the middle of the 5th century 3 Germanic tribes started their invasion in England. 1st the Juts; 2nd the Angles (they both came from pres day Denmark and established the following small kingdoms!! : 1. Northumberland, 2. Hurls. 3.

East Anglia, 4. Kent. Ad tribe – Saxons. They came from Another Germany and established the following small kingdoms : 1) Wastes: 2) Essex; 3) Sussex. The Anglo- Saxons and the Jutes were close to each other in speech and customs so they gradually formed into one group called Anglo-Saxon. However Wales, Cornwall and Scotland remained unconquered , so many Cells that survived after the Germanic attacks fled to these territories and thus the culture of Cells continued It’s existing, conquered the Picks and the territory formed into the Scottish kingdom in 1 lath century.

The struggle between the Cells and Anglo-Saxons gave place fore manifold tales most famous of which are legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round table. The Anglo-Saxons were pagans and worshipped different gods, their names are reflected in the names of pres days of the week : Tit (Tuesday) was the god of war, Wooden(Wednesday) god of kings, Thro (Thursday) god of storm, Frigid (FRR) Woodened wife, goddess of nature and love. Saxon villages consisted of 20 to 30 families all faithful to their leader.

The Saxons kingdoms fought between one another and in the 9th century Wastes became the leading kingdom and united the rest of England to fight against the Danes and since 829 the greater part of the country was united under the name England. An important event that united the country and developed the culture was the adoption of Christianity in England in 664. Christianity began to develop much earlier. It is connected with the name SST. Augustine that found the Church of England in 597.

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