My Passion And My Career Goal

The air is tainted with fumes of garbage, grease, and burnt plastic. Bottle caps, metal shards, tires, and newspapers stain the ground wherever you walk. A poorly supported house made up of corrugated metal, reused cardboard, and decaying wood barely stands in the destitute area. Dozens of naked children, with mottled skin and exposed ribs, look like skeletons as they drink from a filthy communal tap in the dilapidated slums of Karachi, Pakistan. The memory of a lifeless destitute boy lying on the ground dead, oblivious to the flies swarming around him still haunts me.

I was 13 years old when I returned to my father’s homeland and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The filth, toxic waste, and lack of clean water were slowly killing families in the slums. People were dying of preventable diseases due unsustainable sanitation practices and lack of health care. I was disturbed that so many people were falling sick and even dying from preventable diseases simply because they are born in a country with less wealth.

It was this pivotal experience that formulated my passion and my career goal: improving the world’s public health.

Since my realization, I have been exploring different schools of science trying to prepare myself for a career in public health. I’ve immersed myself in rigorous courses of biology, physics, chemistry, and human geography. Chemistry offered the best background as it was the study of the natural happenings of the world used to develop answers to why and how phenomena happen.

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It is the perfect field to investigate why health issues occur and how these global health challenges might best be solved.

In today’s society, we are living in a world where technology and science are reaching heights that we have never imagined. We are creating positive carbon housing capable that has a zero carbon footprint, developing 3D models of hearts, and curing cancer with a mutated poliovirus but we haven’t eradicated polio. Thousands die in underdeveloped countries from preventative diseases due to lack of access to health care. The world comes together to solve the highly publicized ebola virus, but cannot come together to solve the problem of basic human health, a right guaranteed to every person on Earth.

Public global health is the most pressing issue facing our society and it is my passion. I want to determine why certain areas of the world are more victim to diseases than others using chemistry. I want to explore the global connection of current population health problems, and develop health promotion programs to solve them. I want to team up with schools of public health to address the issue of contaminated water affecting populations with cholera, and develop methods to purify water globally. Public health is an issue that needs to be addressed worldwide. Never before has there been so much technology, resources, and ability to improve the lives of others. It is my turn to innovate and my passion to make basic health care a reality in the world.

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