My Fascination and Passion in Reading Current Events

An object that can often be found within my grasp is a newspaper. I have always been inclined to reading, but news stories always appealed more to me as opposed to other mediums of writing. In years past, I have been known to carry a paper around and flip through the pages during my work break or during study halls. The function of this habit, as I see it, is to be more knowledgeable about worldly happenings and local news. I read domestic papers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, my hometown paper, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

I also read foreign papers, mostly Der Spiegel, a German published paper, and Pravda, a Russian paper, although it is moreso the Kremlin’s propaganda machine than anything else. The news is something I thoroughly enjoy because I see it as history in the present.

I believe this distinguishes me, at least from my own generation, in the fact that many people are not current with world affairs and general American news shows are more focused on events in America and topics that may not be as important, such as music and television awards or the doings of celebrities.

Also, I am one to always choose paper over electronic. For some reason, there is a segment of the population, such as myself, that simply cannot read off electronic devices. I like having the paper in my hands and the comfort of holding a book. It is not very often you see a young man such as myself sitting on a chair with his legs crossed reading the paper.

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What this says about me is that I have multiple interests in this world, and love to broaden myself to new things rather than focus on one subject to be interested in. Although I have decided to devote much of the rest of my life to the study of science, I still see the importance of following news, politics, and world events. I often find it uncomfortable to not know something, or to be under informed. I try to combat this by becoming well read and learned in many subjects with my true aspiration being to become somewhat of a polymath or Renaissance man.

However, this association with newspapers fails to convey what my thoughts are on matters. I find the most enjoyment by reading hard facts and coming to my own conclusions. Reading of the newspaper does not reflect my talents in other fields. From simply seeing me read, one cannot tell that I am rather good artist, okay at certain sports, but rather keen on governmental actions.

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