My Interest in Forensic Science

I have always been an inquisitive person with ongoing questions about the how and the why of the world. Science, easily, became my favorite subject because I was able to discover answers that sustained my insatiable appetite for knowledge. An early fascination with the “CSI” type shows, eventually, led to my decision to pursue a degree in forensic science at Mississippi State University. As I matriculated through my undergraduate courses, I realized that forensic science is, notably, different from the fictional portrayals on television.

Nevertheless, I find forensic science fascinating and intellectually stimulating. I am mesmerized by the biological as well as the chemical components of the field. Consequently, I have decided to take my education a step further by pursuing a graduate degree in forensic science. I never have and never will settle for subordinate achievements. Success comes with hard work, and I have put forth the necessary work throughout my undergraduate career. I have been active in various honor societies as well as social organizations.

Additionally, I believe in giving back to my community. The hours I’ve put forth serving others have been recognized two years in a row with MSU’s Volunteer Spirit Award. I serve on the executive board of Involvement Ambassadors which allows me to teach students how to become more engaged in their collegiate career. So, to say the least, I am a well-rounded individual with a plan for success.

During the summer of 2018, I was extremely fortunate to gain employment as an intern at the Houston Forensic Science Center in Houston, Texas.

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I was able to gain extensive experience and training by working within various divisions such as toxicology, firearms, DNA, and controlled substances. Without a doubt, it was a great opportunity to work in a full-service forensic laboratory alongside professionals. I gained more of an appreciation for my chosen field and I was, also, able to assimilate how my academic instruction is correlated to the real world of forensics. Overall, my experience of interning with the Houston Forensic Science Center was an asset to my education and I was given a tremendous boost to my personal development. However, I long to dive deeper into the world of forensic science.

Aside from my legitimate passion for forensics, I have a strong desire for success. After I receive my degree in biochemistry from MSU, I want to attend graduate school in order to be more competitive in the integrative field of forensics. Forensic evidence has become a paramount factor in criminal investigations over the years. As the scope of the field enlarges from year to year, I want to be prepared to make a meaningful contribution to the justice system. I am well aware that much of the scientific work can be conventional, but new developments in science have presented impressive results and solved criminal mysteries sometimes years after the event. Forensic evidence is becoming remarkably important in criminal investigations as the boundaries of its capabilities and discoveries expands, and the career prospects are admirable. Hence, a graduate degree will enable me to continue my practice of self-elevation. The hands-on experiences, exploring the different concentrations of forensics, and the opportunity to learn from professionals would equip me with the tools I need to be successful.

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