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When I first began my college career, I had hopes and dreams of becoming a trauma doctor. After some time and thought, I have realized medicine is not my passion. Living so close to an incredibly beautiful ocean has inspired me to pursue a career in the field of oceanography. Marine biologists study oceanic life specimens as well as their behaviors and how they interact with their habitats (Craig P. Kahle). This can vary from studying marine plants, to fish and large marine mammals.

The benefits and salary of a marine biologist, as well as their effort to conserve the environment, establishes this occupation as a fascinating experience and steady financial path to live a comfortable lifestyle.

There is an abundance of benefits tied to this career that give it an attractive and captivating appeal. First, marine biologist workplace meets a variety of settings from laboratories, offices, to on a ship in the middle of the deep sea (Kaimatai Koiora Moana).

Similarly, wildlife biologists work in laboratories, offices, near forests and other setting in the environment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). When it comes to field work, a marine biologist may carry out extensive expeditions to exotic and foreign locations across the world for their studies (Dr. Gregg McClain). Depending on the employer, some biologists are even offered paid time off after they have conducted these vast studies until they have another task at hand (Kristin Middleton). Oceanographers handle high tech, underwater equipment worth millions of dollars that other biological occupations would not have the chance to interact with (Middleton).

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They are also offered scuba diving opportunities to directly observe marine life that can only be found in the seas (Dr. Mary Dowd). Traveling around the world, paid vacations, handling high tech equipment, and having the opportunity to dive into an unexplored world are just a handful of benefits that makes this career worthwhile.

Depending on the degree of education, the experience the biologist carries with them, and the conditions of the work environment, there is a wide range on the salary of a marine biologist. As these biologists acquire more experience and receive higher levels of education, the rates of their salaries increase. This pattern of salary rates is common within similar fields of study, such as wildlife biology (Forest Time). At the entry level or those who obtain their bachelor’s degree in this field can expect to start their career with a salary as low as $22,257 (Neuoo). Although this number is discouraging, marine biologists who earn their PhD and have years of experience in the field can earn $82,278 and higher (Neuoo). These two totals divide out into an average salary $52,267, which is a decent amount for someone who is only supporting themselves.

Marine biologists often show their compassion for the animals and environment they work with through conservation work studies. Protecting our oceans is vital to our survival because it provides us with oxygen, water resources, and food (Tentree International). Equally important, the oceans are home to thousands of lifeforms with a large quantity of those yet to be discovered. A professor in marine conservation biology, named Boris Worm, studies different environments in the ocean and how they are evolving due to negative human interference (“Global Mission”). Marine biologists have formed organizations such as the Global Ocean Refuge System to help to preserve the biodiversity (“On the Tide”).

The salary a marine biologist receives allows them to live securely and enjoy the careers benefits while making a change in the environment. This thrilling occupation is much more favorable than working long hours in a hospital like I had originally planned. Marine biologists have the blessing of engaging in different natural settings and making a difference in the world while they make money. Not every career allows you to travel and explore environments that no one else has ever seen.

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