Movement And Improvisation Project

During these few weeks, I have been working on my Movement and Improvisation (M&I) project for the upcoming Just Becoming performance. We were tasked to choreograph a 60 to 90 second choreography based on the specific subject that we have chosen. The subjects that were given to us were History, Literature, and Mathematics. The subject that I had chosen to use for my choreography is History. For History, we had to perform our dance based on the topic on chapter 2, Why did immigrants come to Singapore during World War 2?.

The reason why I chose to work on History is because I found the topic very interesting and fascinating to make movements about how the immigrants travelled to Singapore despite of the harsh conditions that they had to go through. How I started planning for my choreography was that I drew a mind map and it helped me a lot to brainstorm on more ideas to include into my dance.

Reading my History textbook again and reflecting back into my History lessons helped me make my ideas come to mind such as including how the immigrants came to Singapore and also about poverty.

I focused more on movements that relate to the immigrants that came to Singapore, talking about how they were weak and poor.

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This made me think of movements that I can include which had been taught from earlier M&I lessons like sliding, gliding and also floating in Term 2 Weeks 4 and 7. I chose these verbs as they are slow and flowy movements which relates to my point of the immigrants that were weak and poor. I also included a part where I used different parts of my body to trace the word Poverty in my dance. This was also taught during M&I in Term 1 Week 5. When I finished my first draft piece of work, I was asked to present it to my teacher, Ms Tan.

Ms Tan told me that I was using too many movements that I have seen before and therefore it is not as unconventional as it could be. She then told me to imagine that I had no limbs, and only the upper body, to make these flowy movements that I had in mind. I hesitated at first, but Ms Tan told me to not be afraid and to try and experience new things, doing this made me create my own unique movement to include in my choreography. Through this experience, I learnt to not be shy to try new and unconventional movements that I have never done before and I hope to continue to have this mind set. When I showed my choreography to Ms Tan the second time, I used her advice and I have improved a little bit but also took note of more improvements that I had to make such as making my movements sharp and in place rather than letting it be sloppy.

I thought about these feedbacks from my peers and tried to change up some of my movements and included more energy to it. During these few weeks of working on my projects, I did face many challenges such as not meeting the time limit, running short of ideas, time management and many more. However, through this I got more determined to search and brainstorm for my choreography. I had managed to choreograph a piece that I never thought I would be able to and I would say this process of brainstorming was not easy. In conclusion, this whole experience made me learn many values and also learning how to choreograph a whole dance made me feel a little proud of myself as I have never done it before. Overall, I enjoyed this experience and I hope we get to experience it again with more knowledge and open mindedness.

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