California Light And Space Movement

In world of visual arts, we often think of artworks in the form of paintings and sculptures. But in the 1960s, a group of southern Californian artists moved away from the familiar traditions of art-making. Moving away from the traditional frame work, artist like Robert Irwin, Doug Wheeler and James Turrell focused their art work on the experience of light and space. This new movement in contemporary art did not require a frame, or wall to hang on. The experience ofnatural light took art to a new plane and dimension, art was now phenomenological.

Artist such as Robert Irwin (2013) believed we see the world with our bodies and all of our senses. The light and space movement was now more than just art, the artist focused their works to allow viewers to become self-aware through a unique censorial experience.

As the abstract expressionism movement was moving forward in the late 1940s and ’50s in the United States. Early American abstract expressionism was only the beginning o f what was to develop from the influences of abstract expressionism on the western art world.

And as the art work began to move away from traditions with influential artists such as Jackson Pollock. Pollock’s radical approach to remove the canvas and painting from the easel at the time revolutionized the potential of all contemporary art that followed. Just as Pablo Picasso innovative reinventions of painting and sculpture, through Cubism. Pollock redefined what it was to reproduce art which essentially took the way of art making beyond any prior boundary.

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Abstract expressionism expanded and broadened the definitions and capabilities of what artists had available to create new works of art. With these new explorations through abstract expressionism, artist were going beyond the can to evolve the world of contemporary art. Artist Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko’s re-introduced a further sense of the sub-conscious with Color Field Paintings. These paintings greatly eli…

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California Light And Space Movement
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