The Long Term Effects of the Gold Rush in California on the United States

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Ramifications of Gold rush (1849)

The Gold rush in California (1849) had long lasting ramifications or effects on United States. It was a completely disaster for all and sundry. The gold rush largely reinforced the idea of Manifest destiny. We will now discuss some of the disasters, the very first one and probably the important one too is the migration of millions of people all around the globe towards California and the population of California grew tremendously in large numbers approximately 300,000 new arrivals in the state by the mid 1850’s.

The burden of this huge population caused serious problems for the California state. Every day the people were shifting from other states of Untied States and all around the world in California. If we go by the facts and figures, one in 90 people in US were living in the California. The lust of Gold was on the peak, everyone got the aims to search the gold as much as possible.

People from all over the world started to travel to California for the sake of the gold regardless of the side effects of this lust.

In this agony of Gold search many of them were died, they lost their money and short of basic living needs and this caused many of unfortunate deaths. The population was decreased in the other states across the U.S, because everyone was moving to California. From all these unlucky people, some of them were lucky and they survived somehow after fighting with the worse situations they have ever faced.

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In the end they got a handsome amount of wealth and they earned lot of money by farming. Rush of gold also had serious effects on the agricultural department. Many of the lands and the environment of the California were totally destroyed. This is because of the immature methods of mining and these people totally damaged the surface of the California state.

The damage was not over yet society, infrastructure and their culture everything was destroyed. People were starving they had nothing to eat nothing to work. The economy was destroyed completely. Most of the California population was jobless due to this disaster. Many of them were died due the impurity in their food, water and other elements of the daily life. Most of the water poisoned with chemical materials used by these gold diggers, they used everything they could to find the gold. The dangerous chemicals used by them were Mercury, arsenic and cyanide. These chemicals are injurious to the health. There are many other toxins as well, who damaged the living standards of the common man in daily life.

The Forests were no longer behind; they were equally destroyed like all other things. Many of the trees were cut down just to have land for building new houses for the ever rising population of the California State. Most of the Forests were leveled for mining timbers. No doubt gold rush definitely had the long lasting effects on the world. The Gold rush was Disaster!

“The California gold rush left us tragic legacy. We appreciate state parks’ to take action to end the Empire’s toxic legacy of contaminating our water washed.” Carrie McNeill

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