Marlow - The seventh council novel by Volker Kutscher Review

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It takes a while before we let go of readers, we are getting back to the silence, the pull of sentences on paper, the magic of our imagination. Completely out of the head, we will not get the faces of the actors of “Babylon Berlin” – but they acted too good that we would regret their insistence in our mind’s eye. Finally Volker Kutscher intense narrative style prevails and keeps us under control, while the film rhythms stomp occasionally in the background.

As the seventh part of the “council” series is coachman new historical detective story of the just in the ARD broadcast the second season of the TV series so rich ahead of six steps and six years. It is the late summer of 1935, Hitler reigns since one and a half years as Chancellor, and the Nazis are spreading in all areas of life. Nothing and no one will escape their ideology.

Gereon Rath, the protagonist of the series, sees the political development as optimistic pragmatist and waits, hoping that it will not get worse and the inflated madness is over soon.

The ridiculous, but inevitable Hitler salute he graduated as a miniature version mumbles with short angled right arm a “Hei ” or, if need be formally” Hei’tler “. He is now Chief Commissioner of murder Survey and would not mind the career ladder even further climb up as many young and even younger people just spill on a wave up and suddenly sitting at the crucial switching points. he has a job to LKA launched, but to put the party badge as its competitors to the suit lapels to show is not his thing.

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Charly, Gereons former colleague and now his wife, feels the increasingly threatening Enge more clearly than most. Her dream to study law and become a lawyer, she had buried, because in the new Germany are women in the stove and in the “delivery room”. Now she works as a paralegal in the morning and in the afternoon it is as a private detective on the go. Your boss is William Boehm, then weggeekelt years ago Head two homicide from his post because he was not agreeable to the new rulers.

Two years earlier, Gereon and Charly have responsibility for Friedrich, a foster child from the home, taken over. Under the changed circumstances would them the permission to do so not been bestowed. A father who is not a party member, and a mother who goes to work and ostracized authors reading, are no guarantee of an education within the meaning of National Socialism. Ironically, “Fritze” enthusiastic despite his suspicious foster parents for the strong new policy and the Hitler Youth joined.

Among the millions of ardent adherents know the boy well Luise Ritter, Charlie’s mother. Charly is their missionary attempts to convince them of the benefits of penetrant deified leadership, nor tolerate such Gereons phlegmatic attitude towards the regime. Also including that Gereon you do not play against cards on the table in terms of his professional enterprises suffer. (His reasons she does not know. For the cases in which the police and William Boehm’s detective work, touch each other not only in accidental details.) Anyway, the Rathsche married life despite mutual affection anything but carefree and harmonious, which started in amusing scenes captures.

Volker Kutscher success is based not least on his championship, history, period atmosphere and Private his characters with utmost ease to link and embed entertaining in an exciting plot. A shining example is Gereons trip with his mother to the Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg. These sites already fallen because of the wonderful design of the Franconian atmosphere dialogs in p / t / k-free dialect included. During the car ride, however Gereon hears things about the past of his wife, who were unknown to him so far, and gets Luise’s naive enthusiasm for the “leaders” felt. Fritz that she shares is bad enough, but they that drive a wedge between him and his foster parents drives is worse: At Luise the boy extensive letters writes about his experiences, but no line at Charly and Gereon. The most shocking experience makes Gereon course with itself. Surrounded by thousands entgegenfiebern roadside the motorcade of the “leader” who and calling her right arm stretching frenetically “Hail, Hail, Hail” in height, he notes, “that he did not arrive, however … it was something else that to him drove participate “. He had never himself so much hated as in the moments when “the word ‘salvation’ came out of his mouth” and he raised his right arm.

Prior to these political and personal backgrounds to play the criminal case on who gives the book its title. He takes far out, up to an imperial colonial official who returns from his job in Jiaozhou Bay to be in Mecklenburg estate near the town of Marlow and brings his young Chinese interpreter and her son Kuen-Yao. Magnus, one of his three own sons, falls in love with her, but the father prevents the liaison with full force, destroying permanently the relationship with his son. As the Chinese stricken, Magnus promises her to care for her son. Over the years the Underworld King John Marlow, the good mutually beneficial friendship with Hermann Goering is holding out Magnus.

While these “different story” is in stages continued Gereon Rath has an unfortunate first simple translucent Droschkenunfall educate with two dead. than the instruments already closed and he will take up his new post in the LKA, open questions arise more and more. Then Wilhelm Böhm reports and asks him to secretly provide him with documents from the archive. There’s a “wet fish” lying around, an unexplained Act three dead.

Volker Kutscher’s specialty is to keep it quiet, almost emotionless, the voltage at the highest level. Regular as clockwork ticking the story on multiple levels of fiction and historical realities, voices the strands intertwine without acts that constructs ever forced. The narrator plays the reader continually Notes that puzzled diligently – and ends up with his suspicions but always on sidings. Then suddenly attract blockbuster like surprises in unexpected tracks, and you have to completely rethink. This is what happens Gereon Rath. Where everything seems actually done, he determined headstrong further encounters explosive material about Hermann Goering and gets it from now with SD and Gestapo to do. As it winds sent and confident with their claws and wash between truth and falsehood, which are masterfully conceived plot trains and dialogues by this author.

In the last third of the novel, the paths Raths and Marlow’s cross. The puppet masters, who will stop at nothing enters the policeman impressive with black eagle sedan and SS uniform counter and makes it unmistakably clear that he did not interfere in matters which do not concern him.

usually makes light reading good reasons to steer clear of dark phases of history. More convincing Volker Kutscher solves the difficult task of the phenomenon of Nazi mass enthusiasm clear and comprehensible to describe and yet to keep a critical distance. We experience how millions of people in the – set an expectation of salvation and guidance can be persuaded by her great life goals for which they will draw even in a war – by today’s standards simply repulsive acts. but we also experience firsthand how at the same time freedom curtailed and those who maintain a sense of the air is removed from the free breathing.

At first only visually and acoustically noticeable in the streets, the mud spreads the brown ideology in everyday life, in tone and behavior of more and more people, until its devastating effects for each recognizable, who suppress wrong and arbitrary morality and reason. The want but most do not admit in their blindness. Gereon Rath found at the end of the novel no longer cope. How is he his duty as a detective – “. To ensure that the number of bad guys took off … That … no one who murdered, could hope this act would remain unpunished” – still meet when “those who govern the most prolific killers were”? I

This book in the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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