Liberty Ave is a Guyanese Neighborhood

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This is where you find the market with fresh fruits, vegetable, fish and lots of interesting restaurants. Guyana is a melting pot of culture, so you have the Portuguese’s, Dutch’s, Indians, Chinese and Africans, and so you have all this great flavor of food and textures. Dishes have been modified to Guyanese tastes, usually by the incorporation of herbs and spices. Also, Guyanese food reflects diversity in its dishes that have various cultural influences and flavor. According to the video (Eater,2018) a customer Raymond Mohan said he “has been coming to Sybil’s regularly for 30 years.

He swears by just about everything on the menu”.

The most original ‘Guyanese food in New York comes from Sybil’s in Richmond Hill the restaurant provides food that gives a unique blend of cultures. The restaurant has become a historic establishment for the Guyanese community in Queens. According to the video (Eater,2018) the Owner of Sybil’s Viburt Bernard said: “In Guyana, everybody eats each other’s foods, mostly”.

The thing that makes Guyanese food stand out is the diversity of the dishes and the blend of flavors from several parts of the world, due to Guyana’s divergent population. There’s no simple way to describe Guyanese food as it’s a unique result of its shared population in South America, there are European, Asian, Indigenous and Caribbean heritage people in Guyana.

The sound of piercing tuneful and rhythmic Tassa drums is heard in this normally quiet neighborhood in New York City.

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This exciting festivity signals Phagwah, which is an old Hindu celebration of Holi it signals the coming of the spring season. This exciting festivity signals Phagwah, which is a Hindu celebration of Holi it signals the coming of the spring season. Guyanese immigrants and other neighboring residents gather in the way that American families come together during the Christmas season.

According to the article (Voices of NY,2016) Aftab Karimullah, who immigrated to South Queens in 1984, said that the first immigrants arrived 50 years ago said “Today, Hindu culture has become part of the great melting pot that is the world’s borough. Every spring thousands flock to Richmond Hill to be part to the Phagwah Parade, a celebration of the Hindu holiday Holi, which commemorates color coming back into the world after a dreary winter with the throwing of colorful abir powder. “It has become a signature event,”.It’s also known as the “Festival of Colors,” and traditionally people playfully toss rainbow-colored powder at each other.

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