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Within Guy de Maupassant’s La Paix du Menage and Musatte plays, lawyers come out as villains two lawyers cause female two characters to experience suffering. These two lawyers represent the whole community of lawyers. To this end, an unnamed lawyer causes Mme, Madeline de Sallus to marry the abusive Count de Sallus within La Paix du Menage. Similarly, Leon de Petitpre causes Henriette Lévéque to separate from Jean Martinel within Musotte, This essay shows that lawyers are villains by analyzing the following actions: an unnamed lawyer causes Mme de Sallus to marry the abusive Count de Sallus within La Paix da Menage, and Leon causes Léveque to separate from Jean within Musotte.

Given that an unnamed lawyer causes Mme. de Sallus to marry the abusive Count de Sallus within La Paix du Menage, it is evident that lawyers act as villains. In this regard, this unnamed lawyer is a friend of Count de Sallus.

Given that this lawyer works for Mme.

de Sallus’ father, this lawyer becomes acquainted with Mme, de Sallus this lawyer then brings Mme. de Sallus into contact with Count de Sallus. Consequently, Count de Sallus marries Mme. de Sallus after a short while, Given that Count de Sallus remains faithful to Mme, de Sallus for a brief time before reverting to the practice of using numerous mistresses to entertain himself, Mme. de Sallus experiences suffering. In fact, Mme. de Sallus often spends her evenings alone in the family home, with Count de Sallus frolicking with his mistresses (Maupassant, n.

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d.“). Based on this situation, a reader would reasonably hold that the unnamed lawyer brings this suffering unto Mme. de Sallus. This assertion would be informed by the idea that, if this lawyer did not bring Mme de Sallus into contact with Count de Sallus, Mme de Sallus would not marry Count de Sallus. In this way, La Paix du Menage illustrates that lawyers are villains.

Musette likewise illustrates that lawyers are villains in that Leon causes Le’véque to separate from Jean Martinel. On this note, Leon is a thirty—year—old lawyer. Citing societal restrictions, Leon advises Jean to halt his (Jean’s) romantic relationship with Lévéque, Leon argues that society would not allow Jean, a high-class individual, to marry Le’véque, a low-class individuals Leon even procures an ostensibly socially acceptable mate for Jean (Maupassant, n.d.”). This way, Leon causes much suffering to Lévéque; Le’véque loves Jean dearly and is thus hurt by this Leon-instigated separation. To highlight her injured status, Le’veque adopts the habit of stalking Jean and his new girlfriend. This scenario illustrates that Leon deliberately causes Le’veque to experience sufferings Given this scenario, a reader would validly contend that Leon and the rest of lawyers are villains. In conclusion, La Paix du Menage and Musotte demonstrate that lawyers are villains. To this end, an unnamed lawyer causes Mme, de Sallus to marry the abusive Count de Sallus within La Paix du Manager Likewise, Leon causes Le’veque to separate from Jean within Musottei it would be enlightening for a reader to find out why Maupassant depicts these two lawyers as villains.

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