"Kühn hungry" by Jan Weiler

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The following example essay on “Kühn hungry by Jan Weiler” is an analysis of a literary work. In this cryptic, entertaining novel about appearance and reality in quite confused gender conflict in the public and private life of our society is every reader and every reader of this or that experience, whatever / has made him ever to create it. A few thematically complementary crime elements add some tension spice.

In 1984, when Herbert Grönemeyer his hit “When is a man a man?” launched, the men’s world was still reasonably okay.

In the actually existing society, they were still strong enough in the saddle to allow for self-deprecating ease: “Men are terribly strong,” but “cry secretly”. could with the trivial formula “hard outside and inside quite soft” man live, while the women’s rights movement had long since laid the ax to the foundation of masculine identity. Their protagonists had hardball struggle to arouse any awareness of the fact that women in the family, the workplace and in the state had nothing to report, as long as the men did not let her play.

Thirty-five years later the female liberation is not perfect, but at least institutionalized. Equal Opportunities Commissioner, quota, even linguistic rules and confident anti-discrimination actions with broad support as #MeToo have undermined solidified role models and men’s dominance have become on the fur. It is the familiar from the past, hierarchical “harmonious coexistence” between the sexes in the breaks defined gone, leaving the men behind disoriented.

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When is a man a man today?

The Munich Commissioner Martin Kühn is in precisely this crisis. He is the third time the protagonist in a novel by Jan Weiler – for “Kuehn has to do” (2016) Jan Weiler: “Kühn has tun” of at. The fact that he as a representative has nowhere to say something “stronger sex” makes it hard to create. He’s only 45 years old, eighteen of them married to Susanne, feels actually on the amount of time and will have yet seen, that the signs have changed in his marriage. The times of his “Patriarchate” are long gone.

In the eyes of his children Nico and Alina he is an “analog old man” of a miserable existence without Internet, mobile phone and online department stores ekes. In a familiar round, he is a long tolerated hamlet whose stale jokes ridiculed most gracious, but rather ridiculed mercilessly. No doubt: His path leads down while Susanne gaining self-confidence and strives upward

At this finding even a small affair could change that.. The episode with an assertive colleague had indeed proved to him that his manly parts remain ready when needed, but remained an “ambivalent feeling of guilt” and the realization that it probably is over the sex-appeal: limp, pale, recently spotted skin, hair of previously baby’s bottom-soft places immense “beer tits” above the belly bulge and on the nose, a pair of reading glasses frame.

But Martin Kühn is not the type who gives his place so easy. Strengthening of his ego, for its attractiveness to Susanne and his reputation in the police station (it is finally transported?) He expects the “Ferdie-Caparacq diet” that is hyped just international. Caparacq is a Galionsfigur traditional male role understanding. He diagnosed in today’s society a “Enteierung” man and a “Verschwanzung” Women and derives a mix of pithy advice and diet plans from. Although they call the man utmost discipline from ( “Wake the beast, you pig!”, The men understanders his book titled), but attracts the goal that he would regain a confident, attractive appearance as well as its nature intended dominance at the end of all suffering. ‘

Unfortunately, Martin Kühn holds by only a few days, but the Verhonepiepelung motivation campaign with relish to read. “Success is male. Otherwise it would mean Siefolg.” That’s why Martin Kühn looks in the mirror in the morning and roars with the battle cry of like-minded people ( “Ho, oh, oh, you horny type”) before it warm for breakfast sipping ginger tea. . In the relentless hunger desert the man mutated temporarily to the wolf until he beigibt small “nearing meltdown”

Before we forget it – it’s a crime. In fact, the murder must be solved on a young dancer in the office. While Commissioner Kuhn and his team still groping in the dark, the reader first, who the perpetrators are and what their motive was experiencing. The author also uses to illuminate its social theme of gender roles from another, quite brutal perspective of the criminal case. It’s about “Incels”, men living involuntarily celibate ( “involuntary celibate”) because they can not find female sex partners. They feel insecure live as “B-Ware” and “untouchables” and retracted alone or with nuts. They long for women who would like to enter into a stable relationship and starting a family with children, but do not know how they can make contact. Self-confident women seem intimidating, repellent, repulsive to them.

In such male wallflower, it seems that traditional gender roles have reversed. Well, the Internet offers plenty of rooms where men can compensate for their real or merely imaginary deficits with disconnection from women, but there is the risk that they get caught in an illusory world, increase the distance to reality and evolve in extreme cases, to dangerous psychopath .

Jan Weiler’s novel “Kühn hungry” convinces in many ways. Just watching dissecting our messy broken society that does not allow more certainties, not even suspected, questionable or obsolete. So are women who want to be a housewife and mother at heart, put down an unjust Patriarchate in public as backward, submissive victims, while true professionals are considered emancipated, but often earn less too often as a man in the same position and in the family find little relief. The stress of trying to be perfect in all fields, makes women proven ill.

Equally unsettling males, which is dedicated to Jan Weiler. By looking deep into her soul, his sympathies seem on their side, but he does not spare them. Humorous, smugly, bitingly satirical to klamaukhaft the author describes the benefice of all deprived man. What also hires, it is always wrong. He can still fight so bravely in the end he loses. Effeminate wimps are at the bottom, designed Machos high on the hit list of modern, emancipated women. Which are, writes Caparacq, “such as refrigerators … hard on the outside and cold inside.”

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"Kühn hungry" by Jan Weiler
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