Day of last snow of Jan Costin Wagner Review

Anna Ekholm is acidic. Her father will not let stay with her friend. Because of the chemistry class work the next day her mother for today “early bed rest” is announced. Chemistry has yet checked anyway; they have long does not look longer. But the discussion with Father Lasse after the evening hockey practice brings nothing; at the end she gets good into his car, and he pushes the CD with their favorite song in the player. Suddenly he takes an unusually bright light, a “flash” is true, and already the car rolls over.

When interrogated in the hospital Lasse. The eleven year old can only get to Anna’s laugh, remember the “irritation in their eyes.” Did not survive the accident. The technicians who inspect the place, are quick to agree.

“Accident, resulting in death, for the accident is gone, hit and run” Commissioner Joentaa takes on the case. Markus Sedin. (married, one son) is not some fund managers, but the “jack of all trades” of Norda Bank.

His business trip with some colleagues in the Belgian Ostende has threaded a merger with the traditional bank De Vries. Now you can finish the meeting in a posh club. With bubbly the dancing in cages women were watching. With one of them comes Sedin this week and takes her to his hotel room. Réka is “a Hungarian from Romania” and can not read or write, except her name. The place Sedin the next morning on a note next to their phone number.

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The meeting is not without consequences. Before he calls Réka from Helsinki, Sedin has made preparations to bring it to Finland. He will buy her an apartment and you make so much money available that they even can it support her family. A family that has to rely on their daughters into prostitution in the West. From the moment because Réka arrives in auspicious Helsinki, Sedin leads a double life. But Réka also: She works in a sauna club and on the Internet as “Dragana teeny mouse, no taboo.” Advertised. When her Sedin by a stupid accident comes on the ropes, she admits to have cheated him, but explained that all his money was not enough to get through to her family in Romania. The thing ends tragically.. Réka and a stranger are found dead on a park bench.

Commissioner Joentaa takes on the case “friend-of-fire” is the “lonely hero” the chat room. In school Unto Beck however, is not taken seriously. One can relieve him loose sweets, him wrestle and get ready – a fun spectacle for the giggling “pussies in my class.” Now even the “idiots” who sent him a rejection by the military because he can not produce any educational or other qualifications. But one day he will show them all. His model is “Fucking Genius” Anders Breivik. A black cloak Unto has already been sewn, he has collected ammunition, and his plan is called “Children kill” … Mari already suspects longer that something is wrong with her little brother. She looks just stop by and talk to him, but he is unattainable; “As she goes, we finally separate worlds.” Only on the Internet it comes to the “friend-of-fire” closer than “Angel-in-darkness”. Whether Untos “Sis” can save him from the deadly rampage?

“Day of last snow” is an intelligent, complex, multi-layered novel with three tightly constructed plot lines and six dead. Of course, it is possible only in fiction that so many coincidences determine the fate of the people and the events of each other with such force bounce as here. But the resolution is coherent and consistent, it does not act on far-fetched The three plots are structured differently. (By months, chronology, with leaps of time, movement, printed image and chapter headings provide orientation). The narrative design convinces with frequent perspective and tempo changes, dialogue and narrative passages and a number of unpredictable twists to the true surprise blast in the last chapter.

The German author Jan Costin Wagner drives his crime flock to other pastures by he locates the novels to the Commissioner Joentaa in Finland. Finally, since for years grazes a dozen powerful top dogs. But with its previous five books Wagner can alongside those so made good of Twelve respondents as Adler-Olsen, Dahl, Larsson, Mankell, Marklund, Nesbø, Nesser has successfully marked a territory.

Wagner’s hero is not a simple figure. After the death of his wife Sanna Joentaa maintains a relationship with a prostitute who called Larissa. At times, she lives with him in his darkness, then she goes again unknown own way. The apartment keys, which he buries for them under a tree, symbolizes the freedom that she takes. The silent, melancholy protagonist may initially be sensitive, appear to be introverted, justice to his task as an active investigator to. Too heavy he wears on his personal blow. But just the far-reaching beyond normal empathize marks him out as the story progresses.

The Commissioner will sincerely share in the suffering of the victims of violence, crime or accidents. “Day of last snow” digs deeper than many successful thriller that focuses on action or brute force. All main characters are soul mates: you are alone, you are looking for anything that can fill the void. Joentaa pursue every day the bitter memories of Sanna, and the death of the small Ekholm subsidiary shaken him no less than their parents. He visited, takes part in the funeral, and he feels the pain tearing apart the couple. This book I have on the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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