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Mother Camille + Father Caleb + Child A (= Annie) + Child B (= Buster) are: the Fang family. She drives very strong addition to the standard gauge in the 1970s. As a closed unit, it represents a living art form: the happening. “We distort the world We bring them to vibrate.” – under this motto, it enters into stylistically uncompromising pure form in the public to bind their audience grotesquely in her performances a provoked loud society and the state and finds lucrative recognition in the scene .

though fit young not necessarily in the life plans of the two crazy artists, but where the children now are already there, they are made from the beginning to inherent components of the actions. What is done to them thus, would leave to intervene, the youth services in normal life. But in the Roman world, everything is conceivable.

Whether the local readership the book with as much euphoria as will devour across the pond remains, however, to be seen.

Familiarity with the American arts and media scene helps to capture the numerous allusions; but above all, too much is abundantly abstruse, eccentric, clichéd and, ultimately, styled on superficial effects: marriage proposals over the clouds, puke in the restaurant, Professor Hobart Waxman in front of his students shoot – “all in the name of art.” Hobart and Caleb this performance had concocted, and Hobart has enjoyed it obvious how he then zuraunt the art shooters in the hospital, seriously injured and half-dead, “It was beautiful, Caleb … Beautiful.”

Annie and Buster are now grown up.

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You want to cut the cord aware of their eternal charlatan, always busy with themselves parents. But they do it only for a short time to stand on their own feet. Annie is (allegedly) sensational, Oscar-winning acting career quickly ended, and they drowned their misery in alcohol. Buster suffers after he (of course) wrote a bestseller, with a writer’s block and earns his living as a scribbler for a men’s magazine. He turns out to be unsafe and unable to cope with life. After a potato gun skirmish he is dependent on strong pain killers, his face is disfigured, and he flees first home to the nest. . Even Annie works soon the wings and follows him

While parents this family reunion (as usual) celebrate a big success for the art, the children see through the illusions formulate the sad relationships: “You have your utmost done to ruin our lives. you forced us to be you, to will, and when we did not make more, you have left us.”

Looking back, the author describes, from the perspective of the children chaotic, high-pitched, sometimes criminal, sometimes life-threatening art events of the family who put in the novel structuring accents; Title of the performance, year and participating artists conduct, set in square brackets, the central relevant sections in chapters one. Wilson’s imagination knows no bounds when he made wrong happenings, to power time Flower makes fun of and distributes powerful satires against those who indulge still the anarchic concept of art of the Seventies.

But to scream comic this kind is not radical; often remains the laughter stuck in his throat. Even as adults are Annie and Buster nor the victims: They have just recovered at home because their parents are gone. Maybe they were murdered, tells them the police. But one can calculate that artists such as Camille and Caleb cede probably different. Perhaps they stage their final self-realization? Are A & amp; B again only part of a show, a death-happenings? Traumatized they set off on the search, and it awaits a final demystifying.

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