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A lot of laughing Jim Finnegan was not in his life, but as he tells it, that’s for bagels. . And hearty

setting this novel of growing up – Dublin, the mid-eighties – arouses certain thematic expectations and met them in full: Catholic Church, WORKING- class -Milieu, rival boy bands, abuse, alcohol, pop music, suppressed strong women, beatings, rough manners …

Actually, Jim might appreciate doubly happy here: In his family, he’s thirteen years the youngest and – along with five sisters and his Mam Devida – the cock of the walk.

In addition, every morning back the mothers of the neighborhood with “ready to serve stories up his sleeve” in the kitchen of the Finnegans. With “shuffling hooves” they outdo each other in bringing the latest gossip in circulation.

Father Matt, sellers of office supplies, sticks out as far as possible from everything. Only if the daughters evening coat the agreed return time, he freaks out. He then accesses bamboo stick and coarse vocabulary.

Otherwise, he enriches the always amusing common family meal now and then with a joke, consoles himself with the golden yellow of his whiskey glass and dozing otherwise uninvolved in front of him.

All the threads of education and the budget are in Mam’s hand , So that it is at full capacity. Good advice she always knows when he sometimes does not arrive. “How are you now, I once was. As I am now, you will again,” she keeps her daughters in mind. Your main point of contact is God.

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Every morning she goes to church, where Father O’Culigeen reads the fair. The attractive, tanned Simon Templar type in black outfit is not only confessor of their sins, but the highest authority in all matters of life. “He just could all could solve for you every problem.”

Oh, if only her son Jim will be an altar boy, should probably sing even under the direction of this charismatic man of God in the church choir, dreams Mam … but Jim and God, it did not work together. He recently admitted that a truck was driving his little cat Jack flat on their doorstep. Then a hockey ball hit the beautiful Helen, his secret swarm, full in the face. She was previously “too good to have friends,” she then transmits the nickname “Scarface”. Later, it is rumored that she has “lost mind and leave the country had” the. And Jim’s everyday life in the run by brothers ( “wannabe priests”) Young school make the Roughnecks from the GAC, the “Gaelic Athletic Club” to hell. When the chaotic sports types are not exercising, showering or depend, mix the lives of classmates, which are either or “mods” “fagots” as Jim.

But opposition to Mam’s desire is futile. Father takes O’Culigeen supplied to it new altar boy under his wing, so he ends up in person rather than protective in God’s hands with the devil. The black man abused the boy regularly humiliating way and sends him to the punishment with the threat, if necessary, to kill him from there.

The family situation changes when it turns out that the reason for Dads exhaustion is a cancer. Now comes Mam’s younger sister Grace arrived. It ensures that Jim’s twin sisters get a job and take off, takes his oldest sister Fiona back to London, where she will work in their job agency, and transmits Jim male responsibility for the thinned budget.

aunt Grace is a modern business woman from another world. As a teenager, she emigrated to London, where they make their way alone and learned to say all Irish against the English contempt. Since you were spared nothing, it is nothing strange; now it is “hard as steel”, “callous” and can easily “about sex and divorce and Homos” chat. On Father O’Culigeen course, even it fails. Although she suspects during a television ripe exhibition show ( “performative reading”) on the parable of the prodigal son, what’s going on and her nephew between the “rattigen priests”, but when she wants to put it together with Jim to account, he surprised her with another brilliant scene, it drills as their final his finger so accurately in their weakest point – an open wound where she still suffers – that decides to move from two all other words and they go empty-handed home in silence.

After all, aunt Grace predicts, will Jim have no more time, “ever to work again as an altar boy.” For now it expect men things, like love.

Saidhbh Donohue’s been seventeen, pretty as a picture ( “if it would be nicer if it were ugly”) and Mozzos girl. Mozzo wearing boots and Iron Maiden T-shirts and do with guys who he called “any-o”, the area unsafe. You agree with expletives, shadow boxing and -treten one before they hit “fags clap” and across all strands. No wonder that the “cheeky rascal” “Mozzo ban” is Mam with the occupied, and also Saidhbh some point enough of the underdog.

Now she’s with Jim, and may be lucky not believe it. With her he experienced his first and very intense sex, and, as might be expected, Saidhbh is soon pregnant. Abortion or an uncertain future with child? Let no man know where stuck, the two minors from the dilemma. Maybe Aunt Grace know in London advice …

Kevin Maher’s novel ” The Fields < " Kevin Maher "the Fields" on "

so easy, as the old one at the end no fifteen years Jim put away a quite traumatic suitable experiences, the novel will be read, so serious the problems are, to which he be harsh light casts. The special Irish humor, biting, macabre and dramatic, the novel reaches the exaggerated final part of new planes. Since the novel loses really too much to grip and slips into the spheres of Klamauks. After a miscarriage Saidhbh gets completely out of the track lands after a failed suicide attempt in psychiatry. Jim is suffering terribly, will shoulder its responsibilities, save their love and Saidhbh return their health, but how? He completed the course of a turbo Astral scientist community to become healers. Convinced he is by no means of all this “Eso-peso stuff”, but after he has learned all about “chakras” and “Cosmic Honey Love” see “with the Third Eye” and can ability to sense with his hands “auric fields” he tested his magical powers to a sickly acting big red hen who then spring to life runs to the grain bucket. The “red giant” is saved, and “Saidhbh is the next” …

Admirable is the performance of Dietlind Falk, whose grandiose translation extends through ball from Kevin Maher’s delicious wit congenially into German: “hinne make “,” in the bin bashing “,” asparagus Tarzan, “” pesen “,” joker “,” farm “make – the number of successful passes itself could be 480 pages long continue


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