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Had Actually Serenellas money and not the violent dispute between father and brother Nicolo Tancredi blame for the tragedy of the family Ciraulos. As Serenella, the six year-old daughter, came a few years ago two in the crossfire of warring Mafia clans shot injured her leg vein and bled to death, won father Nicolo with great attention activism – chaining front of the prefecture, a hunger strike – several million lire from the law on compensation for Mafia victims

Until the money to a bank account – something Ciraulos have never owned – will be transferred, passes an eternity.

In the meantime, they have so much money spent on credit (hardly know what) that they can make more write for anyone. Now they have to borrow money at exorbitant rates to repay their exorbitant debts, the lawyer and Signor Pino, a pensioner who very cleverly andrehte them loans. From the originally expected abundant blessings just a few more bucks are left at the end.

It had long been Nicolo, the patriarch and unemployed starvelings, decided for themselves which to buy his dream car.

A black, high-gloss Volvo, equipped with “A-be-it Cedepläier! And Navi.” His eye candy, a “heritage” in the poor neighborhood of Palermo, is under constant scrutiny of the house.

Actually Nicolo wanted the car hire his son Tancredi, the stupid stockfish and good-for-nothing, not even when it wanted for a disco visit with his girlfriend. And he promptly puts it on the basis of a turning maneuver with a small Kratzerchen back.

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That brings Nicolo next day so enraged that he beats his sleeping son from the sofa. . A shot is fired, and the father is dead Surrounded by the whole family has the situation under control immediately, and thus presents us the author Roberto Alajmo a stage-seasoned piece of grandmother Rosa decided “Let’s get this behind us,” was Rosa.

When the police arrives and sees the dead in his pool of blood, falling wife Loredana with “Ahoaha” -Gejammer fainted grandfather Fonzio plays the fool, the police feel “ripped off” and Pink points to the bathroom door: “It was my grandson . ” The, Tancredi, sitting on the toilet seat, the marble chip fixed in the floor and would disappear in a hole prefer. But now he is finally good for something the family, he will take the blame and go to jail. But he will speak more, not to mention now a word for better.

Roberto Alajmo wrote a virtuoso, multi-layered, continuously fascinating novel. The Ciraulos are exemplary for the Sicilian understanding of family. In a completely closed to the outside community, each represents the other straight; even if one should it go to the dogs, it does serve the good of the family, and that’s what counts. The police rebounds of silence on the wall. And grandmother Rosa, honor and director of the event, says tough “. I do not know I can make your work not decrease …” (p 24).

Psychologically perfectly developed Alajmo the figure Tancredi. guilty already in the book title, it first internalized a sense of the involved one, is fully convinced until, that’s what it all persuaded that must be true. A moral tragedy. Is he the real murderer? Where’s the gun? In the search warrant was not found.

Roberto Alajmo born in 1959 in Palermo, I was not previously known. His novel “It was the Son,” the but is often sober and witty and amusing, then fully biting humor single figures exposes, is full of quick-witted dialogue, excited me linguistically. Many scenes cut to a genuine. (He shares a cell with a smoking Slavs) of between some recorded continuous storyline of Tancredi’s detention is peppered with whimsical absurdities.

A consistent image of the Italian family ancient tradition, embedded in the mafia society of Palermo, to the very sad provoking psychological portrait of a young man, coddled of a mama’s boy, all I can do stoically with it – in short. a novel with crime character that I will long remember. The Italian original edition with a purchase through this link to support my offer – thank you!”

P.S. .: Roberto Alajmo was awarded several times with the Italian literary prizes, among others 2003 with the Premio Campiello for his novel With a purchase through this link to support my offer – thank you!”

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"It Was The Son" Of Roberto Alajmo
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