The Theme of Love Conquers All in Life is Beautiful, a Movie by Roberto Benigni

Life Is Beautiful is a fictionalized movie that takes place in Italy during the 19305 and tells a story of a Jewish family and their comedic challenges with starting a family and dealing with the holocaust This is a very controversial film and displays numerous themes and meanings. The main theme that I noticed was this cliché of ”love conquers all”. I found it hard to buy into and seemed always overshadowed by the common knowledge of the actual wretchedness of the Nazi’s attempt at genocide.

Basically a goofy Jewish man named Guido finally gets a job as a server at his uncle’s hotelr Guido really wants to open a book store but early on a series of calamities keeps him from doing that. Guido meets a beautiful woman named Dora and he keeps running into her at the most unusual timesi Guido falls in love with her and has a silly banter of lovely courtship with Dora.

Despite Dora’s flattery and becoming interested in Guido she is already engaged to a prominent member of the local fascist government Through a chain of comic misfortunes Guido is persistent and finally wins Dora’s hand in marriage Guido and Dora have a son and finally open their book store only to be shuffled of by the Nazis to a concentration camp, Guido hides the realness of the concentration camp to their son Giosue and tricks him into thinking it’s all a game and if he tries hard he will win a real army tank at the end, This is communicated through many clowning events in the concentration camp, Guido succeeds to hide the real truth about the camp from the Giosue.

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Guido does not survive but the boy and mother dor through love the Nazis are destroyed by the Americans.

The American tanks cruse into the camp and delighted Giosue (thinking he won the game) gets to ride on the lead tank, During his tank ride Gisoue sees his mother again and they are once again reunited proving that once and for ever love conquers all, I believe this story is less powerful than an accurate representation of the Holocaust, it appeals to an audience that wants to believe in fables. Life Is Beautiful is silly, cliche, and purely a film of simple entertain meant If you don’t dwell on the historical events surrounding this movie, then you can enjoy the pleasant representation of a father’s love for his son similarly relating to a biblical sensei. My opinion is that a true story of the Holocaust is much more influential creating awareness in humanity and the capabilities of man’s evilness.

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