Introduction to the South Indian

The following sample essay is about getting to know South India. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

The South Indian Aalborg is an Indian-based franchise all around Denmark with 7 restaurants open. People can find 4 restaurants in Zealand: Frederiksberg, Vesterbro, Fields (bot of those in Copenhagen) and one in Vanl?se TO GO. Furthermore, customers can find 3 more restaurants in Jutland: Aarhus, Herning and Aalborg. (The South Indian, n.d.) These three restaurants are owned by the same owner; thus, their legal name is South Indian Aarhus and they also have the same CVR number.

(Proff, 2019)

“The South Indian, Denmark’s first South Indian restaurant, opened in January 2015 at Godth?bsvej 12, Frederiksberg. Our idea is an Indian restaurant of very high quality – that misses Copenhagen.” (South Indian, 2019) The South Indian Aalborg first opened its doors to customers in September 2017 making it the last one to join the franchise. It currently has one chef from India and a kitchen helper on the busy days.

The service staff includes four waiters and there are two employees working as the dishwashers. The restaurant includes authentic Chettinad food with special spices and ingredients that makes the Indian restaurant stand out in the Danish market. What makes it outstanding is its wide range of choice whether the customer is vegan or not. (South Indian, 2019)

There is a rise in social media usage within Danish people from the year 2017 to 2018. Meanwhile amongst younger people the rise has stagnated or dropped slightly, there is a high rise within elderly social media users.

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People aged between 65-89 has shown a rise of 19-22 percent, shows that older age groups want to be up-to-date and want to participate in changes and trends. Media Development`s (Media Development in Denmark, 2018) survey also shows that usage of Facebook has stagnated and other media platform such as Instagram has gained popularity.

In the South Indian Aalborg, they have experienced, during the two years they have been open, shortage of people during different times and seasons. With lacking marketing strategies and proper promoting, it makes the restaurant less busy with fewer customers, especially on the weekdays. At long term it could cause financial problems or a decrease in profitability. This causes the manager of the branch concern and there have been discussions about marketing plans for the future, however yet to be done.

The company does not take part in the social media world. They can be found on TripAdvisor and different kind of delivery pages. Their network point of view is their website.

As an employee in the restaurant I gained an insight and can easily make observation of how customers behave and how many repeating clients we have, henceforth I can sense the lack of marketing. “Marketing is the strategic business function that creates value by stimulation, facilitating and fulfilling customer demand. It does this by building brands, creating good customer services and communicating benefits.” (CIM, 2007)

In Aalborg the restaurant`s venue is situated close by to the centre and to other restaurants, moreover walking streets. Weekends, mostly Fridays and Saturdays, are the busiest days on the week, whilst Mondays tend to be the least busy through the weekdays. On days that are slow and lacking clients it is a financial problem to the restaurant as it costs more to keep the restaurant open and pay for the employees, than the revenue that comes in at the end of the day.

This project will examine and analyse marketing strategies and social media influence in order to see how one restaurant could make strong branding based on promotion and marketing. That leads to the following problem formulation:

How can the South Indian Aalborg increase the number of customers during ordinary weekdays throughout branding and social media marketing in order to increase profits?

Subs questions:

  1. What strategies they could consider in order to attract more customers?
  2. How the South Indian Aalborg can adapt do to the demand to the weekdays?


The purpose of this exam is exploratory. The whole exam is focused on the research question, with the overall subject of marketing improvements and awareness. First part of the exam will introduce the models and theories relevant to the issue stated. The thoughts behind choosing from the numerous numbers of models, were relevance and the importance towards solution. The second part of the exam will make an analysis about mentioned theories and models and move forward to a better understanding of the company and the market as well. To end the project there will be economic considerations with an overall conclusion at the very end.

Collecting primary data was on my behalf. I am an active employee of the South Indian Aalborg with an experience of more than a year insight. I had the advantage of getting more personalized survey answers and having no difficulties with benchmark comparison. The survey is the main primary data that was a great help to connect to the customers and obtain a little insight from their point of view as well, and over all great data collection method. The interview questions were a great help understand the business in another perspective. Observations are the best way to analyse a company.

Secondary data is a great way to confirm primary data, only with more of an academic impact. Articles and books helped attaining another view on the market and the industry as well. For analysis, OECD and Statistics Denmark were my great resources with relevant and valid data. While data collection I have tried to find the lasts available data possible, as the hospitality industry is a rapidly changing industry. Secondary data in my case was more thought provoking and trying to find the most reasonable ones. Throughout the exam I have used academic books such as the Service Essentials of Marketing, CIM marketing books, moreover Hollensen`s Marketing Management. When using websites, I have tried to connect one source to another to make sure they are both relevant and essential.

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