Information Literacy Is My First Course at the University

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Information literacy is my first course at the university. Before this course I was in the foundation program. Information literacy is a set of skills requiring inviduals to identify when information is needed and have the capacity to locate, evaluate, analysis, and use the information ethically and critically. I learned many useful information and got experience from this course. Firstly, I learned what I need to do my research ,and present it without errors. At the beginning most things were so difficult ,but with studying and practicing it it’s became easier.

Before this course, I did not know how to do good research properly ,so I searched for information without any techniques took a long time.

Sometimes I could not find what I was looking for. Secondly, this course taught me how to search correctly and quickly. Thirdly, Which sources were reliable and academe ,and the use of techniques, that I need for excellent research. I never visited the university library before this course.

When we went to the library with the teacher and the students , I discovered new skills that the library has such as reliable sources that make my research academic. The course materials was easy. One the other hand, it is not interesting. The teacher was so funny and kind whose made the course interesting. In addition, my team members Salwa, Aisha, Mahra are helpful and friendly. I didn’t know them before the IL course ,but they became my close friends in a short time.

We were helped each other in our assignments and the project.

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The IL course is an unexciting ,so I suggest to have more library classes ,or anywhere beside the normal class room. I think this might make the course more attractive. Another suggestion is the IL course could be in Arabic language for the Arabic speakers because this will make the course easier ,or the students could have a chance to choose the course earthier Arabic language or in English language. What I shocked was the amount number of steps in the project which I never faced it before that time. However, this make me feel proud after achieve any skills ,and make me a hard worker. The thing that I tried ,but didn’t seem to work is the time management. I registered two course at the same time.

I think, if I chose one of them it could be better. There were not too difficult ,but just because it’s summer term and I took the two courses everyday and both of them is essential. The second course is introduction to law and it is important because It’s related to my major. Therefore, I was under high pressure to balance between the both courses . I hope that will not effect my final grades. The only obstacle that I faces during research project is the amount of steps in every challenge ,but just because I had two course and each of them were different and need hard work. To clarify what I mention before, the summer term is just six weeks ,so it is hard to do each quiz or assignment as well. The challenge that I had is to find the helpful team members. When I registered this course , I was not familiar with classmates. The teacher told us about the project which need a hard working to master it. Every team should have three to four students ,so I chose the best students in the class. After two classes I met Aisha. Aisha introduced her friend Mahra ,and in the last day in the first week I met Salwa ,so we became a team. Consists of four members ,and we were active. Salwa was a group leader. She was giving instruction for us ,and always divided the work.

If I take this challenge again I will over come by me more awareness ,and more friendly to know the students better and faster. , I can also suggest one of my close friends to register with me in the same course. The one thing that I will never forget, is doing the project research. The project took a long time to accomplished it which need effort. Moreover, It was interesting because I prefer team working. Second thing, the project gave me a chance to make it faster in the future. The most important thing that I like it, is my team. My team members were so collaborators, friendly, and hard working. This made the experience easier and more enjoyable.

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Information Literacy Is My First Course at the University
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