Influence Abortion Rates in the State

The following sample essay on Influence Abortion Rates in the State tells about Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program.

Texas has made great improvements in reducing the poverty line as compared to other states due to introduction and practice of several programs that facilitate the provision of services to the poor citizens in the state. Initiations such as Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), Texas Head Start , Texas Medicaid, and Texas Summer Food Services are among the few running programs that ensure the needy in the Texas society are offered with services that will help them live a successful life and accomplish their goals.

The population without health insurance coverage in Texas include individuals from a range of backgrounds, but the most uninsured bracket are those Texan adults considered low –income workers. They are on average, younger and more likely to be people of color than those who have insurance. It is important to mention that a notable share of uninsured adults in Texas are undocumented immigrants who remain outside the reach of many provisions of the ACA.

The uninsured adults are likely to be younger than the insured adults because the younger adults have lower incomes and looser ties to employment than older adults. Approximately 69% uninsured adults in Texas are ages 19- 44 compared to 55% of adults with employer coverage.

There is a significant racial and ethnic differences in health coverage among nonelderly adults in the state with statistics showing the uninsured adults are more likely to be Hispanic with 565 than adults with employer coverage that stands at 24%.

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However, 62% of uninsured adults in Texas are U.S citizens.

Programs that are used to provide coverage to the uninsured include Texas Medicaid, Texas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, TANF, and Texas Unemployment Insurance. Some of the programs are funded by non-profitable organizations while others such as Medicaid is a state and federal cooperative venture initiated to provide medical coverage to eligible needy persons.

Some of the steps that Texas has taken to influence abortion rates in the state include the simplification of rules on abortion medication by the Food and Drug Administration that now allows patients to take the standard regime of abortion drugs later in a pregnancy. In addition to that, most women choose legal, non-surgical abortions in the U.S clinics. The HB 2 law that was passed in the summer of 2013 limits medication abortion which is a popular non-surgical method which is often preferred in the first trimester. The law bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, it is vital to mention that recently, there has been an increased case of Texas women walking across the international bridge to Mexico where they purchase abortion drugs south of the border in Mexican pharmacies. Misoprostol is one of the two common medications in the regimen which is easy to get without prescription in Mexico and significantly less expensive.

According to me, the sonogram law violates free speech for the physician and the patient in that the part that requires doctors to describe the images to their patient or requiring women to hear the descriptions from the physicians violates the doctor’s and patients’ right to free speech. This part of the sonogram procedure is unnecessary unless the doctor deems it in the best interest of the individual patient.

It is essential that physicians and other medical professionals have full knowledge of a patient’s previous medical records when determining appropriate medical care. This can prominently display a patient history of illness in his or her medical record but only if the patient has consented to providing this information.

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