Architecture's Impact on People's Perception and Social Order

In the article “Architecture, Spaces and Social Order,” the author is discussing how everyday architecture can affect people‘s perception of what it represents. For example, the lavishness helps to boost the prestige of the Oval Office, while the blandness of every DMV office enhances the dread people feel when having to visit. They are arguing that spaces are very important to how people feel and react to certain things, and that associations can make a difference too. This all comes together to create an article that brings light to an undiscussed topic.

The strengths of this article were all the examples that they used to support their claims. Architecture is something I appreciate, but I never thought about how it affects me on a day to day basis.

But the way spaces are set up can really change how you feel about things I hate going to hospitals because of how sterile and empty they are, while libraries make me feel safe, even though many are just as bland as hospitals Part of it is just association, like the author brings up later in the piece.

The Oval Office is just as nice as many executive offices around the country, but because it is affiliated with the President, it is held in a much higher regard. Hospitals are connected to death and disease while libraries are connected to knowledge. The only weakness I see in the article is its length. I felt like it was saying the same thing over and over, giving more and more examples, but no new interesting thoughts My one critique would be to make it more concise, or to bring in some different viewpoints or thoughts.

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The main reason why this article is so interesting is because it’s not something that you think about, but architecture has an emotional impact on you in daily life Some buildings look strong, like they could protect you through wars, like the Pentagon for example, Because of this,we trust the governmental agencies housed there, But, if you pull up to a building that looks like it could fall down in the next rainstorm, you are going to be less likely to trust the organizations behind it, Knowing this, we as citizens can be more aware of what an organization wants us to think of them when they construct their buildings, and we as artists can know how to present ourselves through architecture.

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