Hope Is The Key

Young black famous author who grew in New York with his family and friends. James Baldwin was an black african American who wrote many books such as “go tell it on the mountain”. Some of James Baldwin books were about him growing up and how he grew up. He was born August,2,1924 and his first book was Go Tell It On The Mountain in 1953. James Baldwin grew up in Harlem New York were he first started his career. He grew up watching Martin Luther King make his famous speech.

He served as a youth minister in a Harlem Pentecostal church frome the age of 14 to 16,he achieved international recognition for his expression of African American. During the 1960s he was one of the most outspoken leader of civil rights. “Oats binary racial and sexual politics but as a new film show now his’s idea are used to explain everything from trump to black lives matter”. He remebed walking around his neighborhood as 14 yrs old,wounding if his fate would trap him there.

His public image has been on a journey from literary sensation with his debut novel go tell it on the mountain in 1952 to his searing non-fiction in the 60s. Baldwin scholar professor of english at yale and author Caryl Phillips the return of Baldwin to mainstream thinking isn’t surprising at all.For him the big issue concerning Americans. As an author he was somewhere in the middle of the two ideological extremes was were a mixture of both the idea and ideals of of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

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He often stuck the same chords that Malcolm X did Baldwin in the Fire Next Time. He was one of the most famous authors who grew up in harlem and he was one of the first people to get accepted into of the most top college in New York and was one of the most smarted person in his high and was a very good person and was never getting in trouble when he was younger. James Baldwin became famous for his writing one of the famous book go tell it on the mountain and for him begin the 20 century winter novel. He was a famous author and was one of the famous person.He hopes his son came carry his legacy and become a famous Baldwin author.

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