Hope is poison by Iain Levison Review

The author of the thrillers has dedicated the book to the craftsman Richard Ricci. Who took over in 2002 in the house of a job Smart was kidnapped as a fourteen-year-old daughter Elizabeth Smart. Suspicion focused from start to finish on Ricci. During his detention Ricci died under dubious circumstances, he that Elizabeth’s liberation no longer was able to experience in years of 2003. While the media pounced on the girl and celebrated his happy deliverance, they forgot Ricci’s death and took their lurid prejudice the innocent never returned.

The state of Utah has the widow Angela Ricci billed her husband’s life at 150,000 dollars.

The novel of 1963 born in Scotland author Iain Levison, who lives in the United States since 1974, but not told Ricci, but a own story. Jeff Sutton, the protagonist and narrator, is a good-natured and bona fide taxi driver of 36 years, hopes for quick money. A night drive from the International Airport Dallas / Fort Worth in the residential area Westboro bring him 85 US dollars.

But his passenger did not have change. The pretty lady asks him for a moment into the house. He uses the opportunity for a trip to the toilet and watched while the lady upstairs on the phone loudly in the house in order. If only he had merely not touch the window frame! But he was curious – he was before he got before the taxi drivers license eleven years been window fitter. The surviving fingerprint it will pursue all his life.

Two days later, two police officers in front of Jeff’s door to arrest him.

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He is no guilty feeling – or perhaps cost him the two with alcohol drugged students, he has promoted free and who threw up his gratitude the car, now the job? He has yet fussy eliminated all the nasty crap and cleaned the car with a steam jet. So what the state power against him might have in your hand? “That’s him!” For the police everything for Jeff is clearly still not. Undress, present his ass for inspection, put an orange jumpsuit, create handcuffs and shackles – only Jeff learns the unthinkable: He had kidnapped, raped and killed the ten year-old daughter of the blond woman from Westboro. Although innocent as the baby Jesus the stamp of guilt, it is burned already low.

What a nightmare! Accused of murder detained, and then in Texas, where the death penalty is still subjected to the State. Is there a way back to freedom? Tortuous path, because no one really has an interest herauszuboxen the common man. For the police do not ask to investigate any alibis, because the fingerprint and windy testimonies of two Knastbrüder hand them all. The public defender, himself the father of a twelve year old daughter is not particularly keen on, Jeff, whom he considers a monster to defend with commitment, and the chief judge and the jury also want to close the case quickly. But a miracle happens …

Even here in Europe there are miscarriages of justice, but at least we execute anyone out. On death row in the US and other countries innocent people imprisoned for years. Many go through – like Jeff – an inner transformation and lose their ego to total self-abandonment. If you do not want trouble, one every situation adapts best so humiliating it may be. It is apathetic. Jeff said: “My stay at this location robbed me of my humanity and my emotions.” At worst, it is believed to be actually guilty, even craves even after the execution.

Almost nauseating is the business with damages over millions of dollars, which may be associated with such developments as lawyers smell of success. During the process, the loan sharks of lawyers sitting in the audience. In the case Sutton they know long ago that Jeff is innocent, but only after a legally valid verdict it is for them really worth gold. The man who now psychologically destroyed, whose existence is now erased, it does not count. Ian Levinson’s “Hope is poison” was translated by Walter Goidinger from English and published by Deuticke 2012th I would like to have here, as usual, all interested parties offered a link to the original English ( “The Cab Driver”), but strange: That’s not even released!

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