Hiring a Global Marketing Manager

Recruitment is an essential concept that is widely discussed by the researchers, academicians as well as practitioners in the context of human resource management (HRM). With the increase in competition in the labor market along with the dynamicity in the needs and requirements of the companies as well as employees, one should be able to come up with the proper decisions in relation to the recruitment. According to Business Dictionary (n.d.), it has been defined as a core process of the HRM in which prospective employees are identified, reviewed, screened, analyzed, attracted and then selected according to the requirements of the job being posted and the company as well.

The best ones are selected for the job and the employees can be from inside of the organization as well as the outside of the organization. It is completely upon the recruiters to recruit internally or externally. They need to weigh the pros and cons of both types of recruitment (internal and external) in order to come up with a final decision of choosing the right candidate for the job position.

In this case of recruitment, hiring a global marketing manager requires one to consider to choose from internal or external recruitment where external recruitment is more preferred than the internal recruitment as the internal employees are not that qualified to be promoted to that position. Since the managers are insisting on internal recruitment, the good and bad points of it are mentioned below:

Pros and cons of internal recruiting in this situation


In consideration to this case, the pros of internal recruitment are, (Hughes, n.

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  • It will be easier for the company to promote a candidate from the sales and marketing department as it will save costs, time and energy as it is easy to identify and evaluate them for the position of global marketing manager. . The existing employees are aware of the organizational culture, corporate values and strategies in addition to the position of a manager in the company. One does not need to post for job requirements in the company and can directly select from the list of candidates available in the company. It will save time and energy being put into the entire process.
  • It is said to have less risk in comparison to the other option as the candidates are well – studied and analyzed. There is a possibility of selecting wrong candidate from the outside which can cause loss of time and money in addition to the efforts involved throughout the recruitment.
  • Promoting an internal employee can motivate others to work hard thereby improving the productivity rate and boosting employee morale. Employees will work hard upon knowing that their hard work will promote them to a higher level in the company.


Likewise, the cons of internal recruitment are (Devaro, 2016):

  • Through internal recruitment, the competition between the employees can turn ugly due to the conflicts arising between them. This can cause less productivity at work thereby affecting the performance of marketing department on a whole. The manager might not be respected by the other employees due to jealousy and competition rising against each other. The number of employees chosen are less and there are less options available to select from thereby limiting the chances of selecting from outside and reducing the size of applicants’ pool.
  • Most of the employees are not fit for the position as they are not qualified enough to be global marketing manager. The knowledge and ideas are limited in comparison to the person coming from outside.

Pros and cons of external recruiting in this situation

It is better for the company to opt for a person being recruited from outside. Therefore, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of external recruitment as well.


The pros of external recruitment of a global marketing manager are as follows, (Newman Stewart, n.d.):

  • The person from outside will bring in additional knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the given tasks thereby bringing in more diversity. More qualified candidates approach this position to fill in for the job. The existing employees can learn from this manager.
  • He/ she will be added as a competitive advantage to the company through giving in a new direction to the strategies of the company leading to development of the employees as well as organization.
  • The number of applicants for the company increase thereby increasing the applicants’ pool of the company.
  • They will help in bringing positive competition thereby rewarding the employees through performing better in comparison to the recruited employee from the outside.


The cons of external recruitment are (Wilkinson, n.d.):

  •  It might take time for the company to find the suitable candidate for the job position. Not only this, more money and energy will be spent throughout this process of recruitment. The candidates will bring about risk in case they do not perform as per the expectations of the company towards the job and its tasks assigned to them. They might not be competent enough to handle the position in comparison to the internal employees.
  • The marketing manager’s candidate might have limited understanding to the company’s culture and even the corporate values and strategies of the company. It might take time for him to understand all the activities that happen in the company.
  • Not only this, there can be conflict between the manager being recruited from outside and the internal employees which is considered unhealthy for the company. There can be a chance that they cannot adjust with the company too.

Upon evaluating the pros and cons of the types of recruitment in this manufacturing company; external and internal, the recruiter should opt for external ones because the manager will bring in additional knowledge and expertise in relation to the position offered which is global market manager. Hence, a person from outside will be able to deal with the tasks allotted to him better in comparison to the internally recruited employees.

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