Importance of Genogram for Family Health Essay

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Genogram Analysis Families are valuable in irreplaceable, family is always there no matter what the problems may be. When My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer the doctor tell our us there is a good chance she was in her final stage because when we discovers the disease it was too late. e never talked to my family members about our health history, my mother did passed away from diabetes, in cervical cancer I never taught I could be in danger of developing the same kind of diseases, regularly every year I do a physical check up I always been asked about my family health history, who died from who by collecting my family health information it will help me identify my risk of receive some of the major disease.

Knowing my family history of a disease can indicate my risk by collecting my family health information it will help me identify the risk for diseases because it reflects genetic tendency.

By knowing my health history I can make healthiest choices by knowing my past it could help me better prepared for my future, I know the risk factors associated with cervical cancer. I noticed by doing the research that from my mother side that her family have longer live, than my father side even the one that is alive today are suffering from something.

My mother in father is Haitians but they have different futures, body and size. my mother look like she is from Europe, because my grandfather came from France she inherit some of their futures, my father is very dark skinned, my mother are light skin, unlike my father who is very skinny she is overweight and short, we have the same Height on the other side my sister is skinny like my father in tall, it is a mix.

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Family members from my mother side are very light skinned, and from my father side they very dark skinned, except for my uncle Lissage who is 89 years old is light skinned.

Importance of Genogram for My Family

My sister, and I we look similar our mother with light skin long hair and my brother look like my father dark skin very tall kinky hair. We have the same ton of voices if someone calls our house they always think my sister is the one answering the phone. From my father side all his siblings has some kind of diseases my uncle Rigaud suffer from prostate cancer and Diabetes, My uncle Raymond has the same diseases prostate cancer.

I do not look like my father the only future that I could identify myself with are his hand we have the same future every child of my father as the same fingernail sometimes people ask him how come your children are so light skinned his answer I got good taste. I learn that I have my father blood type zero+ my mother is A+ my sister is zero+ and my brother inherited my mother blood type A+, I inherited my father eye color and my sister, brother got my mother eye color.

Knowing our family medical history will allow me to take better care of myself the risk of developing some of the diseases that may affect my health because we have so many factors in common including genes. I need to figure out away to reduce personal risk because my mother died from that diseases the risk factors associated with the diseases, I know from my doctors I need to avoid foods high in cholesterol and what step I should take the best thing I can do to avoid as many of risk as possible 1. Is to get regular PAP tests 2. Eat fruit and vegetables every day 3. Loose the extra pounds

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