Hatshepsut: A Great Egyptian Ruler and Role Model for Women

Hatshepsut was one of the best female rulers in the ancient Egypt times. Some of her best moments were, she conquered other countries, made Egypt rich with goods, in other words, more prosperous, and she gained the respect of her people. First of all, Hatshepsut led her soldiers into battle and war. She protected them through everything she did, she did everything for her people. She was very brave and courageous. She also made her soldiers more powerful. Hatshepsut made her soldiers stronger so that when they went into battle they wouldn’t fall quickly and so they could return to Egypt safely.

As pharaoh, she had to do things that a man would have to do in order to keep her and her people safe.

Another way Hatshepsut was a good leader is because she made Egypt prosperous, and rich with goods. She sent very long, dangerous and bold trading expeditions. Egypt hadn‘t gone on a long and dangerous expedition like that in 500 years! They had to be very organized and prepared in order to make it to the fabled land of Punt and back.

Their voyage took between 20 and 25 days. This caused much trade in Egypt which is another way Hatshepsut is a good leader. With this much trade Egypt could get almost everything they needed. Lastly, she gained the trust and respect of her people. They put their time and effort in just for her, It’s true, she had very loyal subjects. Hatshepsut did everything she could for Egypt and they did as much as they could for her.

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At first they weren’t sure about her being pharaoh because she was a female. In some pictures of Hatshepsut, she dresses and poses like a man because back then there were not many female pharaohs. Once she proved that women could do many great things, the Egyptians trusted her more. they trusted her more and more over the years. Overall, Hatshepsut was one of the few but best leaders in ancient Egypt times. She proved a valuable life lesson that females could do anything as long as they put their mind to it. She was truly one of the best pharaohs Egypt had ever had.

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