Rubbed Ruler and Paper Seasonings?

This sample essay on What Happened When You Brought The Rubbed Ruler Close To The Paper, Salt, And Pepper? reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.

Were all three substances affected equally? – No only friction because rubbing was only done. 2. What explanations can you offer for why this happened? – suggest that this happened because when you rub two things hardly obviously there is friction going on. Also I tried it with my hair even though that wasn’t told but the same results happened.

The rest of the substances did not occur because they were not instructed to apply. B. What combinations of cloth and ruler seemed to produce the greatest effects? * The rabbit fur and the red cloth.

But the greatest was the fur. Part 2 A. Why do you think the charged ruler affected the original suspended strip as it did? * Because of the static the tape had while it charged in the desktop.

As I pulled the tape it was charged so the ruler attracted the tape because also charged the ruler with the rabbit fur. B. What happened when you brought the two separated tapes close to each other? What explanations can you offer for this? – they were attracted to each other I believe that because they both have opposite charges so that is why they can attract each other. B. How many types of charge did you work with in this exercise?

When Rubbing A Plastic Ruler With Cloth The

How do you know? * I worked on 2 charges because I worked with tapes that I charged in the desktop doing the same procedures just charging them with the desktop.

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And also the ruler that I also charged to be able to attract it to the tape but the ruler I attracted it with the rabbit fur. C. If a third type of charge existed, how would it affect the two oppositely charged strips in this activity? * It depends with what you are going to charge it with. For example if you charge it with a glass or maybe a plastic bag or also your hair you can also get static so the tape can also attract with the objects hat I mentioned.

It would be the same thing it won’t affect anything the only difference is with what is being charged which will not make a difference. Same procedure. D. Why do you think the charged ruler affected the two suspended tapes as it did? * I think it affected the tapes because of the amount of time and force I rubbed the ruler with the rabbit fur. F. How would you explain the attraction or repulsion between each of the suspended tapes and the uncharged paper strip? * Because the suspended tapes had been charged on the desktop and the uncharged strip was just attracted to the tapes that were charged.

Since the uncharged strip had not been charged with anything. G. How would you explain the fact that a charged ruler can attract an uncharged object like the paper bits, salt and pepper? * Because of the power the charge has while the ruler was being rubbed in the desktop. Obviously you had to rub hard until you could feel heat transferring. That is what we call static two objects rubbing each other. You can’t expect to pick up a book with the ruler because the mass of the book is heavy. Rubbing small objects can pick up small mass objects. Part 3 1. Recharge the second Styrofoam cup by rubbing it with the fur.

Run the cup lightly over the back of your arm. What do you observe and/or feel happening? * I feel my hairs from my arm rising and like a tickle and I observed my arm hairs going up while the cup was on my arm. 2. Bring the Styrofoam cup close to another person’s hair. What do you observe? What conclusions can you make regarding charged Styrofoam? – Static is being seen the cup was rubbed with my hair and the reaction is there. My hair goes up. Question 1 Part 4 Question 2 1. Rub an inflated balloon with the fur and try to stick it to different surfaces. What can you make the balloon stick to? Does it stick better to some surfaces?

Why? * According to by surroundings the fur does not make the balloon to be attracted to anything. With my hair only a bit does is make it rise but not really. It can be because the rabbits fur is thick compared to other charging objects. * 2. Rub an inflated balloon against your hair and then try to stick it to the same objects you used for Step A. Does rubbing with fur work as well as, better than, or worse than if you rub the balloon against your hair instead? * It’s basically the same only that when I rub it with my hair and leave it in my hair my hairs do rise unlike the rabbit fur it did not make my hairs rise. . Bring the charged balloon close to the paper scraps from Part 2. How does the rubbed balloon affect the paper bits? * It doesn’t pick them up like the ruler did. 3. After rubbing a balloon with fur, bring the balloon near but NOT touching a very thin stream of water. Record your observations. Does the same thing happen when other charged objects are brought near the water? Try some and record the results. Be careful to NOT get the fur wet! * What I observed was that the water had a sound and it was a pop sound. The water actually would kick up making a popping sound.

At least not with the ruler. Part 5 I-d. Describe what you observed. Why does this happen? Use appropriate diagrams to help you explain. * I observed the ball attracted very fast to the ruler. And it stick to the ball for about seconds. This happen because no other conductor is touching the foil it is swinging so the foil is free to move that is why it happened. 2-d. Exactly what was the purpose of touching the ball while the ruler was nearby? * The purpose was to see if by touching the ball and not letting it swing with nothing disturbing it was going to make a difference.

But it did not like you can see in this picture the ruler was still attracted to the ball. 2-e. Draw appropriate diagrams to support your verbal descriptions. You should draw more than one illustrative diagram for this section. My finger Ruler Mass of the foil 4. Neutralize the aluminum foil ball. Bring the charged ruler close enough to the ball so that the ball gently and quickly touches it only once. Describe what you observe just after they touch. Explain why this happens in both words and appropriate diagrams. * The ruler attracted the foil ball and the ball kept swinging back and forth.

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