Godiva Chocolatier and Godiva Gems Brand Analysis

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Godiva Chocolatier and Godiva Gems 1) Define “the product” offered by Godiva. Identify the different levels of the product. Discuss the attempts made by the management to come up with augmented product. Godiva brand works very hard, trying to present to their customers all the best, the highest and premium quality in Belgium chocolates, and also is important to know that all this chocolates are handcrafted.

Looking to achieve all their goals the company makes and sells lots of delights like for example bonbons, truffles, flavored coffee, cocoa mixes, cookies, ice creams, and liqueurs.

Godiva is well known in nearly all over the world and has always been an admired brand by its golden boxes.

These golden boxes are the best of the company, but sometimes its price could be so expensive and not everybody could enjoy with the Godiva chocolate, so that were the main reason for Godiva in 2009 to go mass market and introduce a lower-priced line named Godiva gems, a new line of chocolate more affordable or accessible.

2) Do you think that the Godiva brand could be damaged after the introduction of the new product to the lower end of the market? Do you see any risk of annibalization of this line extension for the existing product line? Why or why not? Discuss.

New Gems Chocolate

We don’t think that the new line of chocolates introduced by the company, Godiva Gems, could be damaged, because, how we can read in the text, Godiva is not abandoning the high-end market, we think that the new line isn’t cannibalization case we can understand that this position is the best way to be a good known brand, and by this way everybody can known the name of GODIVA and the quality of its product, it’s the best thing to achieve, almost everybody who like chocolate, the most ccessible product, try and enjoy this chocolates and if these customers like Godiva gems, for sure they are going to continue buying Godiva gems, and later the possible option could be start trying the other highest lines of the brand.

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For us, the strategy of extend the brand isn’t risky, it’s a new challenge and opportunity to be good know. The key to be successful could be maintain the highest lines, the main reason why Godiva is well known, at the same time that it is trying to approach to the mass market and don’t lose the quality of the chocolate. ) Is “Godiva Gems” an international or a global product/brand? Discuss whether the brand holds global brand characteristics.

Like we read in this case the company aims to position its brand image through an international name in the regional and global markets. The company already dominates the Turkish market and exports its products internationally to more than 95 countries and we also can say that nowadays the company is taking serious step global brand, could be for example because presently Godiva ‘s products are available worldwide in over 80 countries around the world, at 450 exclusive Godiva tores as well as at finer department and specialty stores. The company also issues mail-order catalogs in North America and accepts phone and internet orders. 4) What are the possible impacts of the “country-of-origin” and “packaging” in motivating consumers to purchase Godiva chocolates?

At first we think that Godiva ‘s “country-or-origin” is a very motivating factor for the company, because everybody knows about the quality of the Belgium’s chocolates, knows, in general, maybe as the best in Europe, so this increase the value of Godiva hocolate, and in another hand, the packaging also is a good contribution for customers to purchase Godiva ?s chocolates case this brand uses to have very attractive ones, but they also may take care because the packaging could increase a lot the price of the chocolate, it may be in the right measure. 5) Godiva is entering new markets like China and Turkey. What strategy would you offer to the company in its global product planning decisions in terms of standardization versus adaptation?

We think that the company shouldn’t change it strategy, because with the strategy hat they follow in the rest of the countries it has lot of successful, so that why isn’t necessary a change, if this strategy works all over the word why it is not going to do the same in these countries?. In the other hand we thing that the company should focus the strategy in adaptation, because is the best way to have customers for sure, if people like Godiva and they entrust with the brand, they are not going to be worried about looking for other chocolates brand. We don’t believe in the standardization of Godiva products because maybe if we do that, our chocolates could stopped and don’t be specials.

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Godiva Chocolatier and Godiva Gems Brand Analysis
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