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Can We Trust Patagonia?
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Have you ever checked the labels on your clothes to see where they come from? Do the companies provide safe and fair conditions to the workers? You may not have known that some of these workers work up to 20 hours a day to make the product you need. There are some companies that use forced labor and don’t tell the truth about what themselves. Over the past years Patagonia has been installing progressive ideas to help create better working…...
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My Business Plan For Sales The Beanies
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A plain black beanie. It is black because in my questionnaire, more people preferred to wear darker coloured hats, and when asked what colour they prefer, the majority chose black as their favourite colour. However I would like to create different coloured and patterned hats in future if the black hats do well. It is a beanie because when I asked people to rate the different hats, for style, most people seemed to prefer the only beanie the most out…...
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Textile crafts: Manufacture of Fabric on Looms
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The weaver produces the sousi garbi, khais, lungi (now negligible) farasi etc. The Sousi is a common wear of the women folk of Sindh and is available in beautiful colours and designs in cotton and silk.Sousis, garbis and motros are made in an endless variety of striped design, they are named according to the prevailing colours and the design or pattern of the stripes. The panjkani (five colours), sat rangi (seven colours) zanzer-ao (chain like) and tillai (match stick) are…...
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Source: Australian Wool Industries Secretariat
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Wool is derived from sheep or other animals Caprinae family. Sheep is the principal member of this animal family that produces wool. Wool has many uses and for this reason it is a very valuable business commodity. Most countries produce wool but the production is not enough to sustain their demand hence the need to import from other countries whose production supersedes what they need and thus have the capacity to export and still have enough for domestic use. Such…...
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