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Free essays on wool are academic papers that provide in-depth analysis on the topic of wool. These essays discuss various areas related to wool, such as its production, uses, history, and environmental impact. They provide readers with detailed information and insights on wool as a material, highlighting its properties, strengths, and limitations. Free essays on wool may also examine the cultural and social significance of wool in different regions and communities around the world. These essays can be used for research purposes and help students and scholars deepen their understanding of the topic of wool.
Textile crafts: Manufacture of Fabric on Looms
Words • 1833
Pages • 8
The weaver produces the sousi garbi, khais, lungi (now negligible) farasi etc. The Sousi is a common wear of the women folk of Sindh and is available in beautiful colours and designs in cotton and silk.Sousis, garbis and motros are made in an endless variety of striped design, they are named according to the prevailing colours and the design or pattern of the stripes. The panjkani (five colours), sat rangi (seven colours) zanzer-ao (chain like) and tillai (match stick) are…...
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